Panhala Hill Station Maharashtra

Panhala, a city and one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra is situated in the Kolhapur district. Tourism to this place is very well known among the travelers and there are a numerous places to see in this town. A perfect weekend getaways for the city dwellers, it is an awesome destination for nature sightseeing. The place offers an awesome view of the valleys and hills and has a beautiful scenic endeavor which attracts tourists from all over. The town also has a historic relevance and reminds us of the memories of the great king Shivaji.

One of the must visit places here is the Sajja Kothi which was built by the muslims. This monument tells us about Shivaji’s deeds as a great warrior and king. Then we have the Ambabai temple which is a very well known place for the devotees. Tourists offer their praying here and witness the purity of the place. During holidays to Panhala another worth visiting place is the Someshwar Tank which is a naturally built up tank from the quarrying of stones. Another interesting place of the tour is the Nayakini Sajja which depicts of the outstanding warfare strategies which were used by the Marathas during important battles.

The Parashar cave near Panhala is another tourist spot which is popular for its holy waters. These caves are believed to be sacred ones as Maharishi Parashara lived here. Being a religious cave it draws tourists who have religious inclinations. The other things to do here involve visiting the sunset point of Panhala which is very much well known for its amazing sunset view. It is a treat to the eyes watching the setting sun from the top of the fort and tourists interested in photography can capture beautiful photographs of the beauty.

At about a distance of 5km from Panhala is the Masai Pathar which is one of the largest plateaus of Asia. Here we have a couple of places to be seen like the temple dedicated to Goddess Masai Devi and the Buddha Leni. This place is ideal for trekking which forms an interesting part of tourist activities here. Then there is the Tabak Udyan which has a garden and a snake museum. The Nagzhari Lake of the Panhala Fort is another beautiful sight to be visited by the travelers. Being a popular hill station near Mumbai the place has a very well connectivity with all the major cities of the country.


While on vacation here it is a must to try out the food of Panhala which is mostly inspired by the Kolhapuri cuisine. The specialties here include Tambada Rassa, kadi and Pandra Rassa. You should also try out the sukka mutton which is served in almost all the eateries here. There are plenty of hotels and luxurious accommodations available here as per the cost specifications of the visitors. The other not be missed out places near Panhala are Kanermath, Vishalgad and Narsoba Vadi. The weather here remains average throughout the year and is never much extreme. But the hill station is best enjoyed during the winter months when the temperature goes down and the beauty of the surrounding is enhanced.

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