Kumaon Region

The land of the Kurmavatar (tortoise incarnation of Vishnu), Kumaon is bounded on the east by Nepal and north by Tibet and is the gorgeous half of the state of Uttarakhand. Like its other half, Garhwal, the region of Kumaon is replete with picturesque hill stations, lofty mountains, surreal lakes, charming villages and unexplored destinations. The region is divided into 6 districts, each being equally stunning and filled with best places for a holiday. The area covered by this beautiful part of Uttarakhand is estimated to be around 21,035 sq km and is divided into Greater Himalayas and lesser Himalayas. The natives are called Kumaoni and their mother tongue is also called Kumaoni which is one of the Central Pahari Languages.The other languages spoken in this region of Uttarakhand are Hindi and Urdu.Kumaon boasts an incredible landscape, which evidently makes it quite popular amongst tourists who plan their vacation here especially during the summer season. The region offers some brilliant summer destinations like the popular Nainital City and its nearby lake towns of Bhimtal, Sattal, and Naukuchiatal.

However, summer is not the only season that is often thronged by visitors, a large number of people also visit this region during the winter season to enjoy the surreal snow covered destinations. Not to forget, Kumaon is home to a plethora of Hindu temples that include the cave of Patal Bhubhaneshwar and the famous temples of Jageshwar, Bageshwar, and Almora. Talking about Almora, this region in Uttarakhand, is famous for its sweet delicacies of Singauri and Bal Mithai which can be best bought from Almora town. Your heart will actually skip a beat when you see the Nanda Devi, the tallest mountain in India. Nanda Devi looks more charming with the sky shining above its snow-covered top. As you steer further through the tranquil environ of Kumaon, you might come across travel destinations Pithoragarh, Munsiyari, and Chaukori, which make excellent holiday destinations in Uttarakhand. Furthermore, Kumaon is also home to the famous Jim Corbett National Park that harbours endangered species like tigers, sambar deer, fishing cat and many feathered birds. Traditions and culture are the most vital part of this region and festivals like Kumaoni Holi, Hill Jatra, Harela and Bhitauli, Bat Savitri,

Kumaon Districts


  • District Headquarters: Almora
  • Region: Kumaon
  • Total Populataion: 622,506
  • Local Language:Kumaoni, Hindi, English
  • Total Area: 3144 sq Km

Almora is not just a district but the heart of the Kumaon Region prominent for its enshrined temples, eccentric handicrafts, cultural heritage, delectable cuisines and above all the heartwarming embrace of the natives. The district dons its own grace and charm as and is also the home to a variety of wildlife creatures.


  • District Headquarters: Bageshwar
  • Region: Kumaon
  • Total Populataion: 259898
  • Local Language:Kumaoni, Hindi, English
  • Total Area: 2241 sq km

Pampered at the conflux of Gomti, Saryu, and Bhagirathi is the district of Bageshwar. The district as a whole is the abode of many exquisitely sculpted shrines and is best known as the land of Lord Sadashiva. Besides this, Bageshwar offers to the adventure seeker in you as it open doors to treks like Kafni, Pindari Glacier, and many more thrilling ventures.


  • District Headquarters: Nainital
  • Region: Kumaon
  • Total Populataion: 954605
  • Local Language: Kumaoni , Hindi, English
  • Total Area: 4251 sq km

Entrancingly gorgeous and mesmerising in every sense is the best way to describe the tranquil land of Nainital. The district is the place to be in if you love wildlife and adventure sports. And that's not all as the district is renowned for its temples, rich green environs and its pristine lakes


  • District Headquarters: Champawat
  • Region: Kumaon
  • Total Populataion: 62314
  • Local Language: Kumaoni , Hindi, English
  • Total Area: 1766 sq km

Champawat is best known as the place where all you will find are enthralling landscapes and temples which are epitomes of architectural beauty. The land has historical significance and was once the capital of Chand rulers.


  • District Headquarters: Pithoragarh
  • Region: Kumaon
  • Total Populataion: 483439
  • Local Language: Kumaoni , Hindi, English
  • Total Area: 7090 sq km

Hear the soothing sound of rushing water from the Kali River descending at Kalapani in Pithoragarh. The district is a paradise full of greenery, broad landscapes and a delight for trekkers as it is an important stoppage spot on the way to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Udham Singh Nagar

  • District Headquarters: Rudrapur
  • Region: Kumaon
  • Total Populataion: 1648902
  • Local Language: Kumaoni , Hindi, English
  • Total Area: 2542 sq km

As the name suggests, the district got its name from the legendary Udham Singh, a freedom fighter who killed General Dyer to call it even for the Jallianwala Massacre. The district was moulded out from Nainital district and now is famous for its scenic natural beauty, ancient monuments, agricultural success and sacred temples.

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