Chaukhutia Travel Guide

Chaukhutia is a pristine town in the beautiful Almora district in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. It is situated at an altitude of 1646 m and seats on the bank of River Ramnagar. This town is, in fact, is located on the meeting point of four travel destinations in Uttarakhand, namely Ranikhet, Ramnagar, Karanprayag, Tadagtal. The name of this town is derived from the word Chau-Khut, which in Kumaoni language means four feet. In the context of this must-see place, the name construes the four ways that lead to four different and important tourism places in Uttarakhand.

Chaukhutia consists of a few beautiful and ancient forts, temples and ruins of Katyuri dynasty which speak the untold story of the past. Just because Chaukhutia is untouched, the beauty is astonishing in its raw form.

It is also a delight for the explorers who visit the Pandukholi caves that were made by Pandavas of the fame of the epic Mahabharata during the time of their stay in the town. The panoramic view of the attractive valley of Dwarahat and the glowing Ramganga River. The attractions in the vicinity of the town include Doonagiri and Rudreshwar Mahadev temples. Apart from this, there is another Hindu temple, Lakhanpur where devotees can worship Goddess Kali which is situated 6 km away from the town. This temple holds fairs every year during the months of October and November which is a must see. Chaukhutia not only pleases devotees, or the explorers or nature lovers, but it also leaves no reason to be ignored by adventure enthusiasts. This town offers hiking opportunity and has small trek routes to Doonagiri, Jaurasi, and Jwarhat.

Best Time to Visit Chaukhutia

Chaukhutia has a very pleasant and cool climate throughout the year but the best time preferred by most of the travellers is the summer season as it neither gets too hot nor gets too chilly.

  • Summer

    The maximum temperature is around 28°C which makes the tourists have a comfortable time when here. All the activities are fun to carry out during this time. Summers are between April and July.

  • Monsoon

    With a lot of rain in this town, it becomes a bit difficult to visit the town in monsoon months. Between the months of August - October, the temperature goes to 15°C on an average. This also gives a rejuvenation to the greenery around.

  • Winter

    The winter season here sees a frequent snowfall and tourists usually come here to enjoy this. The temperature goes down to 4°C on an average and partnered with chilly winds they can give a serious chill through your body.

Where to Stay in Chaukhutia?

One can find budget hotels and guest houses in Chaukhutia. If you are seeking for a luxury accommodation,then nearby destination, Almora is the place to book a stay. Almora, the popular hill stations of Uttarakhand boasts a wide range of best places to stay to keep your tour of Chaukhutia quite comfortable and memorable as well.

How to Reach Chaukhutia?

Located 55 km north of Almora, Chaukhutia lies on the National highway 87 which makes the accessibility to this place quite easy by road. One can also choose to take another means of transport, however, the final leg of the journey has to be made by roadways itself.

  • By Air

    The nearest airport to this town is the Pantnagar Airport which is 112 km from this town. You can book a taxi from the airport to reach Chaukhutia.

  • By Rail

    The nearest railway to this town is about 88 km from here which is at Kathgodam. There are trains that come in from various major cities like, Delhi, Lucknow, and Kolkata. There are regular buses and taxis which you can book and get yourself a comfortable ride to the town.

  • By Road

    Being one of the major intersect towns of the Kumaon and Garhwal regions and also being situated on the NH 87, Chaukhutia is well-connected by motorable roads and there are buses that run between this town and major places of Uttarakhand.

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