Toranmal Hill Station Maharashtra

Hushed up in the marvelous range of Satpura in the state of Maharashtra, Toranmal is enveloped with a perfect concoction of the unfathomable nature’s beauty, pristine ambience, the tinsel lake and the repose of the mountains. Brought alive by the monsoons, this gateway to nature sightseeing is adorned with the grandiosity of budding lotuses on the lakes besides the exuberant nature and its glory.

Resembling a gargantuan saucer, this hill station is fixed between two hills and is one of the popular hill stations in Maharashtra. The beguiling surroundings complimented with the spellbinding ambience of Yeshwantpur Lake make it one of the important must visit places around Toranmal. Sprawled over an area of 1.5 kilometers, this lake’s beauty is more so aggrandized by the palliative chirping of birds all around the tranquil place. To the northern part of the Yeshwantpur Lake is the pretty Lotus Lake. One of the places to see, this lake justify its name for the bountiful of budding lotuses that grow on its banks besides the gushing waterfalls of seetakhai into the nearby valley which prefers adorning the lake full of lotus.

The time-worn temple of Toranmal is a beautiful example of architecturally whittled erection and is an excavation of a rock formed into a hill and is rightfully termed as one of the important tourist attractions. Visiting the much hyped fair of Shivratri at the Gorakhnath Temple is one of the things to do besides unraveling the occult caves of Macchindranath.

Experiencing the testimony to the remnants of the intricate carvings and designs during the time of Akka Rani at her Palace is undoubtedly one of the tourist activities besides a short tour at the Sarangkheda for the horse market that it hosts. One gets to witness the buying and selling of horses here. Best famed as the confluence point of three rivers, Prakasha earned some spiritual importance from devotees all around and is situated few kilometers away from Sarangkheda.

The weekend gateway from all the hubbub of city’s life, Nandurbar deserves all the love for the rich tribal culture that rules the place besides housing the memorial shrine of Martyr Shirishkumar who gave up his life during the struggles of India’s Independence.


Enhanced by the rich variety of fauna and flora, Toranmal lays circumscribed by the seven majestic hills belonging to the Satpura range and is enveloped by the verdant forests. Teeming with an abundance of holy shrines that stand erect exhibiting the lushness of culture and the diversified traditions, Toranmal owe its name to the tribal Goddess named Torana who was once said to have been residing amidst the ragged hills and undulating terrains. Glistening with absolute tranquility and grandiosity of nature this hill station near Mumbai awaits to be explored and fathomed.

Warranting for your excellent holidays in the laps of nature, Toranmal wishes to heighten your senses by the bona fide ambience followed by the panoramic surroundings which is sure to hypnotize you to the brim.

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