Traversing through the 'Meadow of Gold' Sonamarg Hill Station in the state of Jammu & Kashmir it is not difficult to lose track of time being lost in the scenery of Nature's artistry. Try to peek into the valley and depth of it along with gravity would seem to be drawing. The pointed conifers make the whole mountain appear pointing towards sky trying to attain some more height in the process. The white of snow matched with brown patches of earth has no match when it comes to subtle yet sublime color of landscape.

Some of these most delicate details are intricately woven in the valley. These elements are divine enough to allow its viewers enter in a kind of trance, as momentary as it might be.

Situated at an altitude of 2800 m, the place is surrounded by numerous five-thoudsander peaks, which only furthers the enigma of the meadow and the valley. Tourists swarm in the valley to witness this wonder of Nature as a part of Sonamarg tourism.

Once upon a time, the place acted as a part of ancient silk gateways, but now the place is primarily known for the adventure opportunity as well as viewing various glaciers, high altitude lakes, Indus River, and many other wonders to get indulged in.

Top Tourist Attractions in Sonamarg

In India, one way or the other, meeting Divine is inevitable, which is why people sometimes actually choose hills to recuperate, spiritually and bodily. Sonamarg is no different in this aspect, whether divine sought after in places of worship, Nature or just any visual representation that mind believes into.


The place is worshipped by millions of devotees of Lord Shiva who are ready trek through the rocky terrain in harsh weather condition to pray at Amarnath located 15 km farther... Read More


13 Km from Yushmarg and there is another place of bowing head in reverence and prayer- Sheikh Noor-ud-din. Shrine of this patron saint of Kashmir who is also known as Nund Rishi is located in the tranquility of this valley... Read More

Buddhist Temples

Ashoka and his descendents are credited with flourishing and spreading the Buddhism teachings in the world. Jaluka, son of Ashoka is known to have built temples associated with this religious faith ruins of which could be seen 17 Km from Gangabal.


At more than 5000 m, it is among highest lakes. As the beauty of Himalayan range is reflected in its waters, stubbornness to see it after a taxing trek proves worthy. Trout fishing is another activity to enjoy here... Read More


River Jhelum would have been grateful to this lake if personified for being its source. Located at Harmukh peak at 3750 m, the lake is often referred to as Harmukh Ganga. An annual fair also adds to its fame in addition to the angling activity...Read More


One of the most dangerous mountain passes of Kashmir Valley, Zoji La is at an altitude of 3465 m. Surrounded by the Nature only elements, it is a absolute trekker-challenge...Read More

Nichnai Pass

Coming to this mountain pass which is located at an altitude of 4139 m give a clear sight of lakes Vishansar and Krishnasar, a feat for trekkers.


From April to June, this lake could be easily trekked to, accessible via Nichinai Pass which itself is at an altitude over 4000 m...Read More


Any alpine beauty can be put to shame when compared to this lake and region that surrounds it. At 3600 m, the place is as much a charmer as a trekker could expect.


Not more than even one kilometer away from Lake Vishansar is another gift of nature to the eyes situated at 3710 m altitude. This lake is also popular for conservation of Himalayan trout.


More of a camping site than a picnic, it is used by devotees on Amarnath Yatra (pilgrimage). Trekkers trekking to Zojila Pass have to come here as Baltal is at its base. At shores of river Sindh, the place has calming effect...Read More

Nilagrad River

A Mountain River which later joins Indus River at Baltic Colony, it flows at some small distance from Krishnasar Lake and Vishansar Lake.

Thajiwas Glacier

This is a major tourist attraction for those who do hot fear heights. Trekking to this is an adventure but ponies are also available to view this glacier...Read More


Views of dense forests and snow-peaks are constant company at this place which is very much enjoyed for picnic. Tatta Kutti Peak and Sang Safed Peak are add-ons for the joy while picnicking here...Read More

Other Must Vist Places around Sonamarg

If Sonamarg travel is wished to be extended to nearby places, following places are ready to enthrall tourists at any given point of time.


A hill station at 45 Km from Sonamarg, it is among celebrated health resorts. Amarnath temple, where ice stalagmite form natural Shivalinga, is at 6 Km from here...Read More


A hill station of reputation, the capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir is an unrivalled beauty of Himalayas. River Jhelum and its houseboats are quite a time-maker here...Read More


This meadow of flower is more popular with snow adventurers rather than floriculturists being a ski heaven. The population of the place keeps on fluctuating due to the harsh winters...Read More

Sonamarg Hotels Information

Wake up to a soft morning and retire in the coziest of accommodations while in Sonamarg. It is equipped with hotels and resorts having facilities to meet all the general and customized needs of the visitors, especially when season gets challenging. Ski season sees rush of people from abroad a lot and bookings are almost full during that time or the charges touch new highs just because of the demand.

Best Time to Visit Sonamarg

Observing all the seasons of Sonamarg it could be easy to deduce that best time to visit the place is from April to October to those who like cool atmosphere but not frigid. The later could be experienced and enjoyed in the winters here.

How to Reach Sonamarg?



Srinagar Airport which is also referred to as Sheikh ul Alam Airport formally is the nearest airport, 70 Km away from Sonmarg. Flights from Shimla, Delhi, Chnadigarh and Mumbai are awailable. Hiring Taxis and cabs from here to the hill station is a norm.



Nowgam Railway Station, also known as Srinagar Railway Station is the nearest one to Sonamarg but not well connected with rest of the India. Instead Jammu Tavi Railway Station is much preferred being well linked with major cites of India.



Through road, most of the nearby cities are well connected, especially Srinagar and Jammu. Tourists on road trip to Sonamarg can depend on maps and can come all the way from Bangalore, if they want.

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