Exaggeration is often shocking but shock is something required to feel alive and lively. Ooty hill station is the kind of pleasant jolt individuals need to break away the rut of life with the oomph factor the place is surrounded with rubbing off the same glory to its name as well. After all, leaving an impression is not a child's game and this place excels in doing that and passing the exam in flying colors.

Be it Doddabetta Peak or the panoramic views tourists do not seem to take their eyes off, or the nearby Pykara Lake and its summoning peace for once waking the spirits to Nature desired activity, or the taste of homemade chocolates that lingers long after the Ooty holidays are over, the place never ceases to make its presence felt. And all this remains a milder peek inside the world that this small hill city of Tamil Nadu holds within. This is what happens when Nature exaggerates in a way ensuring everyone does see the place once in his lifetime.

Ooty tourism is a consolidated picture made of ninety-five parts Nature in Nilgiri hills, Ketti Valley, Pine Forests, and five parts Human in Golf Course, Mariamman Temple, Stone house, etc but every things that falls in the purview of eyes takes to another world of exhileration. Such is the charm of the place.

Would you have recognized it is Ooty being talked about if it were replaced by Udhagamandalam, Ootacamund or Udhagai in the above paragraphs, perhaps no. There are more such minor facts that do help understanding the place better like.

The maximum height it flaunts is 2,240 m which gives it the pleasant weather tourist brag about after returning home. The history of the place has much more value than visitors or residents really know to acknowledge. Tipu Sultan first recognized what a place like this can really unfold before the British presence highlighted the 'summer' importance of such a place in tropical land like India living its trademark imprints in architecture like the rest of India.

Take plunge into the unknown water and be sure of finding pearls of tourism during Ooty travel and exploring it a notch more than others.

Top Tourist Attractions in Ooty

With the tribal, royal and British history working hand in hand with Nature conspiring to provoke traveler, explorer, adventurer and photographer in an individual enough that he decides to come here, missing the hot spots of Ooty is highly unlikely. Here comes the mind boggling list of what touring Ooty could awaken the tourist even in most insipid of souls.

Murugan Temple

On the Elk hill, amidst the picturesque scenery with Nature in backdrop is a Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Thaipudam festival held in the month of January and February ensures the crowd of devotees and bystanders caught in mesmerize.

Mariamman Temple

Located near the Ooty Market, this temple is dedicated to a local deity- goddess of rain. The art work on the temple is admirable.

Holy Trinity Church

Said to be among the oldest, this church holds special place in the hearts of locals as well as to the people who decide to come here out of curiosity as a traveler.

Kamraj Sagar Lake

More reservoir than lake, the place is a consequence of dam nearby but overly enjoyed by the people who chose to spend their day picnicking here. Fishing can be a great time-pass here.

Upper Bhavani Lake

It can take some planning to reach this place as to the way day has to be spent. Other than that it is a superb feeling buy the side of this lake as it offers a good trekking opportunity to the Silent Valley. Following the same route takes to Mukurthi National Park.

Mukerti Lake

Another lake surrounded by Shola trees in the same region of wildlife sanctuary is this. There are flush opportunities to catch glimpses of various wildlife animals in this area.

Bellikkal Lake

Like all other lakes, it is also beautiful because of the birds, the greenery, the water, the natural smells, etc and thus the wish of staying nearby forever.

Marlimund Lake

Amidst boat rides and different hues of Nilgiri is this much celebrated picnic spot of Ooty.

Tiger Hill

With English style cottages, the place has become more of a hill resort that makes enjoying the lap of Mother Nature easier.

Cairn Hill

Picnic among Cyprus trees and original walks in the shade of Nature could be done here best way with best opportunity to photographing.

Doddabetta Peak

The peak is a great way to explore the fauna of the place through trekking and taking in the surrounding visions of the Nature in its most natural way.

McIvor's Bund

A place popular among youngsters for motor biking on the mountain roads, take a trip unhindered.

St. Catherine Waterfalls

This is a part of Kotagiri which could allow a room of half day when travelling from Ooty to rest here and let the feeling of ecstasy settle in the soul.

Kalhatty Waterfalls

On the Ooty-Mysore route, 13 Km away from Ooty is this fall with 40 m height waits to be admired. Enjoy the sound in the falling and refreshment in the air.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

Maintained by Horticulture department of Tamil Nadu in an area of 22 hectare at 2400 m above sea level, the garden has different varieties of flowers from different parts of world.

Rose Garden

Making acquaintance with more than 3600 species of roses is made possible in this place at Vijanagaram where 10 acres of land is meant only meant to five these roses a rare recognition.

Mini Garden

With an amusement park, toy rides and snack bar, the place is ideal for families with children.

Thread Garden

Not a natural amazement but nonetheless astounding in all the efforts a human hand and mind can bring together to create unforgettable artifacts by threads, this garden stands out in beauty exhibited here which is result of hard work of 50 creative women in 12 years.

Ooty Lake

Word 'artificial' comes nowhere near in the appearance of the lake formed by John Sullivan as it stretches to 2.75 Km in L-shape and surrounding Eucalyptus only add to the setting. Boating can also be enjoyed here.

Pykara Lake

With this lake comes in the dam and the falls seen after crossing the dense forest making the place complete in itself and thus more beautiful than all other places. Boating also becomes a part of experience if chosen to be made so.

Emerald Lake

Travel a distance of 25 Km and the gift to eyes would be a shimmering green lake due to which it got the name 'emerald'. Enjoy the image of relaxing birds and swaying trees with the rising and setting sun.

9th Mile

As the name suggests, Shooting Medu (another name it got for the shooting of movies) is some 9 miles away from Ooty. Quite scenic, this picnic spot inspires artists in the onlookers.

6th Mile

As above this one is only 6 Km with the advantage of great sceneries projecting shades of green, brown and white-blue playing their part in crafting Nature-perfect picture.

Ketti Valley View

With a great depth to the valley, the looks of Nature get more admirable provided a safe distance from edges are maintained to avoid any kind of mishap.


A small village some 18 Km from Kotgiri is known for giving the glimpses of Western Ghats meeting Eastern Ghats like no other place. Moyar River and gorge formed by it along with the Bhavanisagar dam are some of the main feature of the sights received here.

Dolphin Nose

The ravine with the protruding rock resembles the nose of dolphin, hence the name. The location is high to the extent of providing the panoramic views of Ooty and the hills that nestle it.


Eucalyptus trees at one side and tea plantations on the other, Pykara Power Plant, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Moyar Valley; one sight having all these elements could only be found at Glenmorgan, 25 Km away from Ooty.

Mudumalai National Park

A tiger reserve in the abode of Nilgiris with safety of Western as well as Eastern Ghats, the santury is home to many species of animals, plants, birds, etc. in more than 32,100 hectare of land...Read More

Mukurthi Peak and Mukurthi National Park

40 Km away from Ooty, the national park has a healthy population of Nilgiri Tahr and many features similar to Himalayan flora and fauna. The peak is a part of the park and could be seen closely only after getting inside the protected area.

Raj Bhavan

It is a historical monument which got constructed during the British rule and stands as the testimony of those days.

Fern Hill Palace

Fern Hill is at some distance from Ooty but not so much that one has to be away on road for long to each here. The history that breathes in the fort can be felt to be reaching out to the visitors and make its presence impossible to shrug off.

Arranmore Palace

A Government Guest house as of now, the palace once belonged to Maharaja of Jodhpur and also called as Tamizahagam.

Government Museum

Year 1989 saw the foundation of this museum on Mysore road which takes visitors and curiosity-hit individuals on a tour to better know the tribes that resided the regions and their way of life.

Honey and Bee Museum

All one would want to ever know about bees and honey they produce along with the ways tribal people go about honey farming. Children can have good learning opportunity away from their text books.

Wax World

Want to see all the most of the Indian celebrities gathered under one roof? This is the place to be at any time of the year and the wish would be granted, sort of. The wax look-alikes of famous personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, etc could be found here.

Other Must Vist Places around Ooty

If even after going through the tourists spots mentioned above one is left with ample amount of time these are the places to be considered including in an Ooty travel package


If one wants to be safeguarded by the harassing impact of south west mountain that can ruin a road trip or sightseeing day in Ooty, this place can be a great escape with Doddabetta mountain range few 22 Km away...Read More


This village at 26 Km from Ooty is best known for trekking, fishing and of course the lushness that is characteristic of mountains. The lake, the dam and trout farm makes the holiday something more than memorable.


Famed for Nilgiri Tea, the hill station is second after Ooty with many tourist attractions like Sim's Park...Read More

Ooty Hotels Information

Accommodations are the places from where the fun of tourism actually begins and that makes the place really important on any kind of travel journey. For hotels in Ooty, one can chose among Lakeview Hotel, Welbeck Residency, Fern Hill, Fairstay Holiday Resort, Tamil Nadu Hotel, Vinayaga Inn, The Willow Hill, Sherlock, Sapphire Grand Hotel, Highland Hotel, Club Mahindra Derby Green, etc.

Best Time to Visit Ooty

As happens with ever place with natural prominence, the best time decided to pay a visit remains attached to the personal inclinations. Summers, for example, are good for sightseeing and if tourists is total stranger with the place. Winters, on the other hand, are invitation for honeymooners and party-animals during Christmas and New Year. Monsoons, last but not least, are enjoyed more by those who want to see a places washed in the freshness brought by rain.

How to Reach Ooty?



Nearest airport is the Coimbatore, only 105 Km away from Ooty, so rest of the route can be covered by hired taxi.



Nearest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam, only 47 Km away served routinely by Coimbatore and Chennai. Other stations are Kozhikode, Coonoor and Mysore.



Ooty is well connected by road and various buses from different southern cities routinely serve the route.

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