The coffee plantations and the mists hanging over it have made Araku Valley proud of its primary profession and as a result have grown in popularity, so much so that people from different places come to visit this hill resort for one glimpse of it. Not to mention the charm of nearby located Nature destination like Borra Caves lit by multi color lights; going inside them and witnessing the meticulous ways Nature works in delicate looking yet sturdy rock formations many meters beneath the earth surface. When the looks are that inviting who would want to resist Araku Valley tourism?

One of the most beautiful places in what is referred to as "Food Bowl of South India", Araku Valley is located some 120 Km from the coastal city of Vishakhapatnam which is also known as Vizag popularly. Locals from nearby cities like Vizag prefer the place for the convenience of reach as well as the non-commercialized appeal. The undefiled landscapes at around 3000 ft becalm the rushed senses with their elements of greenery, sounds, waterfalls, caves and the local people selling home-grown organic coffee.

Top Tourist Attractions in Araku Valley

Heard about hair pin bends on serpentine hill roads, villages and their simple residents, open fields with exquisitely verdant hint, water cascading from a high position? These are a sight to etch and an experience to engrave forever. Having Araku Valley tour is one way to do that. Have a look on what all waits there.

Sri Mahalingeshwara Swamy

The temple is dedicated to local deity who is believed to have rescued all fishes from a fight between them and Snakes and came to this village called Matyagundam, literally meaning 'Fish Pool'.

Coffee Plantations

The very first scenery that catches the attention of the visitor is the tall trees sheltering the smaller shrubs of need, just about enough they need. The beauty is oft enhanced by the hanging berries of coffee.

Padmapuran Botanical Garden

Maintained by administration, this part of Eastern Ghats is most enjoyed by kids riding in the toy train but adults can have their kind of fun experiencing swings above earth by staying in one of the three tree huts located inside.

Tyda Village and Park

The small village transformed into welcoming place by the way of a project is a delight to picnic. Trekking and camping are something one would get without very much looking, but icing on the cake is bird watching in addition to some wildlife in the same place.

Borra Caves

As already hinted, the caves are a Natural wonder just few kilometers away revealing height and depth at the same time. Locals have also made a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva near the entrance of the cave.

Dumbriguda Fall

On way to Paderu village, water falling from an altitude of 3215 ft makes great sight and noise cleansing the mind of out-of-Araku Valley thoughts. Picnic whole throughout the day and one would still not feel satiated.

Bheemunipatnam Beach

Located nearby Araku at the opening of River Gosthani, this beach exhibits tall coconut trees, aqua-emerald versicolor and some ruins of Portuguese history.

Araku Tribal Museum

Information hungry people can have their fill in places like Museum and tribal museum become a destination to savor with the colorful outfits worn by tribal locals, their daily chores in the form of clay work and their art and craft.

Sangda Waterfalls

In Eastern Ghats near the village of Sangda is located a fall which also has got the name of the same village due to the proximity.

Katiki Falls

Another sight to enjoy time with family and friends, offers opportunity for trekking as well as a tribal delicacy of bamboo-chicken.


The village with the folk tales of fight between Snakes and fishes is this only, where people cannot think of hunting or consuming them. Tourists come here for the sake of tranquility it offers in the cuddle of Nature.

Other Must Vist Places around Araku Valley

Ananthagiri Hills

Some 30 K away from Araku Valley, it always happens that the one is combined with the other as Anathagiri or Araku Valley package. When the two are coupled, they make a great weekend trip...Read More


If holidays are on mind, 167 Km are not so much to cover and this destination on your travel list would make you decision to visit it all the more worthy.

Araku Valley Hotels Information

At a height, there is a different world around with every sip of Araku coffee, especially in a room furnished for comfort with an exquisite view out of window. This could be a reality in the Araku Valley hotels. Some of the options include names like Haritha Valley resort, Punnami Hill Resort, Jungle Bells in Tyda, ITDC tribal cottages, Mayuri Hill Resort, Ushodaya Resorts, Chandrika Guest House and Holiday Inn Vihar. Pre-booking is always suggested, especially during the peak seasons.

A combination of budget, deluxe and premium hotels are available out of which the tourists can make bookings in the one that matches their budget and requirement of a stay place.

Best Time to Visit Araku Valley

As pointed above and depending upon personal likings both summers and winters are great for Araku Valley travel but the same could not be said for winters.

How to Reach Araku Valley?



Nearest Airport is Vishakhapatnam from where curvy roads to Araku Valley can be relied on.



Araku Valley has two railway stations that are on Eastern coastal line. It is a great way to journey to the valley, as the views from rail are quite enchanting passing through bridges and tunnels.



From Vizag the route is quite clear for a road travel. Those coming from everywhere else, they generally have to reach Vizag to reach to Araku Valley.

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