Jageshwar Travel Guide

Amidst the Deodar forests, a sacred destination of Jageshwar calls out to the devotees and the peace seekers. Jageshwar is the part of Almora District of Kumaon Region in Uttarakhand and was once an important stop during the holy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Still intact with rustic charm and pristine beauty, Jageshwar is an important tourism place to see in the district for both nature lovers and pilgrims seeking the blessing of the Almighty. The main tourism attraction of the place remains it ancient temples which are 124 in number and are adorned with hundreds of sculptures. Indeed, Jageshwar is the place to learn about the architecture skill in Uttarakhand.

Apart from the temples, the beautiful surrounding ornate with Deodar forest and the shimmering Jat Ganga stream make Jageshwar look quite welcoming. A nature lover or a peace seeker would definitely relish a visit any time of the year.

Our Jageshwar travel guide is overflowing with information on best places to visit and amazing things to do, which makes it quite essential for the travellers looking for an impeccable travelling experience. Also, handcrafted for you are the varied holiday packages by Tour My India that ensure a vacation unlike any other.

Best Time to Visit Jageshwar

Like any other town located in the hilly area, Jageshwar is also a spot to beat the heat during the summers. People from metro cities travel here to get themselves some relaxation from the hot and humid weather. This town experiences a lot of rain in monsoon season, and it is really chilly in winters here. So, the best time to visit this place is during the summer season.

  • Summer

    During the summer season, the temperature is not so high and the weather is quite pleasant. You can expect the temperature to touch the 30? mark but then, whenever it gets this hot in this place you can expect rain to follow, regulating the temperature to a comfy level.

  • Monsoon

    It is a very extensive season here, starting from the month of July till the end of September there is a lot of rainfall, which makes it little difficult to visit here. Therefore, if you are planning a trip in the monsoon season, checking the weather forecast is advised.

  • Winter

    Winters are chilly and the cold breeze adds on to the shivering. The maximum temperature that you will experience here will be 15? and it can be as low as 4? in this place when the sun's not shining in the sky.

Popular Tourists Attaractions and Things To Do in & arround Jageshwar

Jageshwar is primarily famous for its temples and serene nature. The place boasts ancient temples, out of which some are of immense religious importance. So visiting the temples and basking in the lap of nature are two best things one can relish here.

  • Jageshwar Mahadev

    One can locate Tarun Jageshwar, which is one of the principal temples in the locale of this temple. When you go inside, you will see two Dwarpals (door Guardians) in the form of Nandi and Skandi. The inside kept Shivalinga is divided into 2 parts where the larger depicts Lord Shiva and the smaller one is Goddess Parvati.

  • Jageshwar Temple Complex

    It is a complex which consists of 100 temples, all devoted to Lord Shiva.You will witness an exquisite architecture of all the temples in this town.

  • Jagannath Temple

    This is an impressive temple with fine carvings and the deity of Lord Ganesh. This temple is revered immensely by the Hindu devotees.

  • Kuber Temple

    If you are interested in viewing a cluster of temples then Kuber temple is the best spot for that. This temple is the best place to see a group of temples of the town.

  • Sri Mahamritunjaya Mahadev Temple

    This is the most ancient temple of all in Jageshwar Temple Complex. The Linga which is in this temple is known to be the saviour of death and is worshipped for the same. The uniqueness of this Linga lies in the eye-shaped opening that it has.

  • Dandeshwar Shiv Temple Complex

    It is situated slightly upstream from the Complex. This temple lacks maintenance, which shows in its infrastructure. Dandeshwar is a bit shabby but this temple marks the beginning of the Vinayak Kshetra or the sacred area.

  • Vinayak Kshetra

    It is known as the sacred area which is 200 metres from the Artola village. This place gets its name as called because from here the temples of the complex starts.

  • Jhanker Saim Mahadev

    If we go by the history discussed in the town. When Lord Shiva was in a Tapasya demons obstructed his Penance. This was the time when God Jhanker Saim came into existence as the trinetra (third eye) and sent his Ganas to kill them.

  • Sri Briddha Or Budha Jageshwar

    Situated 3 km north from Jageshwar, sits on a hilltop which can be reached after a trek of 3 km. If you want to have a morning view of the Himalayan range then you are at the right spot.

  • Pushti Devi Or Pushti Bhagawati Maa

    In the main premises of Jageshwar, there is a temple that goes by this name. This is a temple which has a full murti of Goddesses.

  • Airavat Gufa

    This is cave named after a white elephant. This cave closes the temples of Jageshwar.

  • Trekking

    A 3 km trek to Budha Jageshwar from the town is enjoyable and after that, you can relish a stunning view of the morning sun coming out of the Himalayan mountains.

  • Festival Celebration

    Mainly there are two festivals that are celebrated in this town on a large scale. One is Jageshwar Monsoon Festival, which takes place in the monsoon season during the month of August and the other one is Shivaratri Mela, which is held in the spring season.

Where to Stay in Jageshwar?

Low budget to moderate hotels can be found here for accommodation in Jageshwar. However, a large number of accommodations can be found in Almora. Here hotels and resorts are available in varied budget from luxury to 1-star property.

How to Reach Jageshwar?

Jageshwar is connected well with Almora, which, on the other hand, has good connectivity with many cities and towns of Uttarakhand. The bus is the most convenient way to reach Jageshwar but is also not far from the Kathgodam railway station and Pantnagar Airport, from where cabs are directly available.

  • By Air

    The nearest airport for Jageshwar is Pantnagar which is 155 km away. Taxis are available from the airport that will take you to Jageshwar.

  • By Rail

    Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to Jageshwar situated at a distance of 121 km. Trains from Lucknow, Delhi, and Kolkata come in very frequently. Buses and taxis are your companions from the railway station to the town.

  • By Road

    Jageshwar is well connected by motorable roads with major cities of northern India. Buses to Haldwani and Almora can be taken from ISBT Anand Vihar, Delhi. Jageshwar is situated 37 km from Almora.

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