Traveling with a quest takes individuals on a destination worthy of being visited. And the journey becomes pious when it is made for the search of God and solace in Nature which is what one gets in a very small village - Devikulam hill station - the place with the lotus pond of Goddess.

People on vacation in world famous Munnar might not formerly aware of Devikulam as a hill station which is isolated but one glance around here and there is no doubt that the chilly in the air, greenery on the slopes, low hanging clouds over hills and the Sita Devi Lake surrounded by colors and vibrancy of Nature are to be cherished forever. Just 16 Km away from Munnar, Devikulam in Idukki district of Kerala is often a part of combined package tourists and vacationers take to come to this place.

The village is very small, thus seem crowded in summers when locals take weekend trips to get immersed in the views of Nature as she resides here. Devikulam tour has many reasons; nearness to Munnar, the prominent ones are beauty of the place, legends and mythology associated with the place that tells about Goddess Sita (Wife of Lord Rama) bathing in the lake after which it is named since then, skin-ailments treating water of the lake and numerous opportunities to explore hills through trekking and hiking.

In God's Own Country, journey to all the places become a pilgrimage in their own likeness!

Top Tourist Attractions in Devikulam

Humans tend to compare and this happens even when springs that feed Sita Devi Lake get compared with hot water springs of Manali, but versatility of India allows people to compare endlessly and yet not come to any conclusion, because there is just no ending. This could be well witnessed in the attraction of this place that tourists enjoy during their Devikulam travel and remember thereafter. Some of them are:

Mangalam Devi Temple

On a hillock at 1337 m, one can locate this temple popular for the festival of Chitra Pournami. Participation in the festival is possible only after taking permission by Forest authorities.

Sita Devi Lake

Mythology is there, but the reasons to visit the lake exceed what seems obvious. For that mystery, one has to be there to feel. Fishing is just an add-on.

Mattupetty Lake

If 26 Km is no distance to see a spell-casting attraction, this lake is just for those thinking on this line.

Kundala Lake

For the lovers of boating, speed-boating and peddling the slower watercrafts can be enjoyed near Kundala Arch Dam, at 1700 m altitude.

Anayirankal Lake

Tea gardens, forests, and this somewhat hidden lake in which elephant cherish their moments of bonding.


While enjoying the views of wildlife inside Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, it is hard to miss this beautiful fall fed by River Pambar, where many animals and birds find their respite.


For leisurely time with friends and family spending Devikulam holidays, site around this fall considered best.


Also referred to as Rainbow Falls in nearby Udumbannoor Village at 1500 m makes the beauty attract numerous tourists, falling from 200 ft. Adventure seekers can find some of the activities being organized.


Reached by Devikulam as well as Rajakkad, this cascading cataract is enchanting in its appearance and well-known in popularity.

Eravikulam National Park

One of the most popular national park of south, missing it is no way an option on this trip.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

This one is the nearest protected area in Devikulam in which the views of wilderness could be admired without having to go much farther.

Idukki National Park

Enjoying various birds and animals comes naturally once inside the park, but more than that spot Neelakurunji flower that blossoms once in 12 years, if it is the right season.

Kurinjimala Sanctuary

Endangered Neelakurunji flower is the specialty of this place as well and the Western Ghats of this sanctuary serves as the core area for its conservation.

Mattupetty Dam

At an altitude of 1700 m, this Indo-Swiss project has become a picnic spot, especially in the monsoon reason.

Attala Rock Shelter

Above 1500 m, near the Kavakudi Village is a major tourism attraction featuring 94 motifs painted on walls of the rock shelters. Individuals interested in prehistoric art give dedicated time for the place.

Devikulam Tea Estate

Tata Tea Company established this place in 1900 and since then the area of 239 hectares for tea plantation and production.

Blossom International Park

Nearer to Munnar than Devikulam being only 3 Km away from there, the place is more for sports active individual as it offers boating, cycling, roller skating, etc.

Hill View Park

A well maintained and well developed park with great views of Cheruthoni and Idukki Dams, this place is indeed a tourist's delight.

Other Must Vist Places around Devikulam


42 Km from Devikulum, the scenic amazement is awaiting eyes of appreciation.


This district has its image maintained for coffee plantations, spices like black pepper, is only 34 km from Devikulam and thus could be added to the trip.


The dewy tea garden, hills of Western Ghats and rustic beauty is simple and catches off-guard just like that. Some 43 Km away from the hill village being talked about, it is a delight to extend Devikulum tour to this place as well.


This district and therefore the village by the same name is home to many tourism magnets that draw people from cities to venture in the embrace of Nature...Read More


Known for several things like Sandalwood Forest, a type of molasses, handmade Pattu Saree, and ancient caves associated with sages, the place is must to be included with Devikulum tour package.


Credit to put hill stations of south on world map could be easily given to Munnar and to understand the gravity of this claim, at least one visit is needed for sure...Read More

Devikulam Hotels Information

Munnar being in close proximity as well as great in popularity generally steals much of the show, but those who like some peace, pick home stays or hotels in Devikulam as their option for accommodation. Those who are coming directly to this hilly landscape can remain stick to the idea of going solitary lived to the perfection. However, the distance between the two is so less, it hardly takes any time commuting from one place to the other.

Best Time to Visit Devikulam

As could be deduced from the description of climate, the place is worthy of visit anytime schedule of individuals permit. Still, the best time with respect to everybody in a group is considered to be September to May, devoid of rain.

How to Reach Devikulam?



Kochi International Airport is best to reach the village is flight is the preferred way of journey.



Kottayam and Kochi 130 Km and 150 Km respectively are the nearest railway stations from where taxis or buses could be taken to reach Devikulam.



Journey on roads from Cochin (Kochi) and Kottayam is a delight especially when the driver is experienced and efficient for the hill driving.

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