Chikhaldara Hill Station Maharashtra

Resting in the district of Amravati, Chikhaldara boasts of its mention in the epic text of Mahabharata which states of Bheema’s glorious succession over Keechaka in this exact place. Chikhaldara thus inherited the name from Keechaka and is one of the popular hill stations in Maharashtra.

Located at an interesting place where Madhya Pradesh begins and Maharashtra ends, the tranquil hill station of Chikhaldara is perched at an elevated height of 1,088 meters above sea level and is enriched profusely by the variety of fauna and flora besides being encircled by the sprawling Melghat Project Tiger Area. Home to an abundance of tigers whose count increased over the years, thanks to the close bonding of Melghat Project Tiger with Chikhaldara, this hill station near Mumbai even shelters a bountiful of rare wildlife species including Barking deer, Chousingha, Sambar.

Unraveling the mysticism of the nearby forts namely Narnala and Gavilgad that is home to some to charismatic architectural and archaeological perspicacityis is one of the delightful tourist activities.

Proud for being the only coffee producing place in Maharashtra, Chikhaldara offers with some of the delighting must visit places. Amner Fort to begin with, is located on the far side of the dainty hamlet of Kalamkhar is carved out of burnt bricks and offers with the most panoramic surroundings from the height of 100ft. Trailing its importance back to the mythological era, the 3500ft deep Bhim Kund earns all the spiritual significance for playing site to Bhima’s battle with Kichaka. Known for absolute serenity, the Bir Lake is one of the places to see and owe its origin back to the rein of British in the year of 1890. This lake was initially used by the British soldiers and supplied water to the entire Chikhaldara.

Sharing proximity with the lake of Shakkar, Devi Point is of primal tourism spot for the stone idol of Goddess that it houses and is beautified by the overflowing of Shakkar Lake that resembles a gushing waterfall. Known for the large milky waterfall and the beauty of pretty cascade during the monsoons, Dharkura is one of the interesting weekend getaways besides the historical fort of Gawilgarh that trails its establishment back in the 12th century. Referred to as one of the strongest fort ever built, Gawilgarh was established by the descendant of Yadavas.

Chikhaldara Hill Station Maharashtra

Witnessing the thick foliage of trees as the bountiful surrounding, the Government garden formerly known as Company garden was initially built by the foreigners is one of the things to do for the variety of fauna and flora it holds out coupled with a thrilling train ride besides visiting the museum at Maharashtra Forest Ranger’s College that houses samples of wild species of plants animals. Made famous for the magical exuberance, Panchbol Point deserves your short tour during the summers for the ecstatic views it offers you with besides echoing of sounds that tourists enjoy here. Located in the hills of Viraat, the Sunset Point offers you with the numerous hills encasing the place besides the beautiful view of the sun going down.

Holidays at Chikhaldara promises you with the perfect nature sightseeing followed with some of the awesome memories upon your sojourn to this tranquil beauty.

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