Tawang hill station- inveigling the unsuspecting tourists to the hills of West Kemang and not without reasons!

Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso founded the Tawang Monastery, and the town gradually took the same name of this monastery. This solitary town is also associated with the 6th Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso as his birth place. However these facts do not completely highlight the reasons of frequenting it by daring individuals.

Tawang could be characterized by mist-shroud suspended over the popular lakes like Panganag Teng Tso or Banga Jang surrounded by the greenery that goes beyond lexicon limits. Imagine the aura of a place which covers itself in snow veil as the mercury takes a dip and this hill station in North Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh gives new meaning to the beauty of chill. Surprise can take the breath of tourists away at mighty Jung Falls.

Be ready for more while on Twang travel; to a place name (Tawang=Ta- Horse and Wang- chosen) of which suggests being 'chosen by a horse'. Undoubtedly, the Twang Monastery is the prime lure, largest outside Tibet. Yet, this is not the only thing to pay a heed to at an altitude of 2669 m. History of the place can reveal some of the aspects hidden in the pages of past. For instance, constant tug of war between British India and Tibet used to be a cause of discord. It got resolved when the town finally ceded to India, after the country gained freedom. Current issue which concerns Tawang is the claim forced by China on most of Arunachal Pradesh including this town.

Being a victim of the hill mysticism is acceptable with pleasure; if wondering why, read on!

Top Tourist Attractions in Tawang

When a traveler goes on such a height, solitude is expected which is found in Tawang at every step. All the while, Nature accompanies him in his moods of introspection to adventure, invoked by seclusion from mainstream civilization.

Tawang Monastery

The name of the hill town is taken from the 400 years old monastery which is second only to Lhasa in antiquity. Constructed by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso, it is one of the most revered Buddhist monasteries...Read More

Gyangong Ani Gompa

A nunnery providing a refuge to Buddhist nuns, this sacred Gompa is located some 5 Km from Tawang and under the administrative care of Tawang Monastery. The natural ambience of the location only adds to the feeling of piety that encases this place of divine sanctity.

Regyaling Gompa

The holy place surrounded by Pine trees came into existence by the hardships borne by Rigya Rinpoche. Located some 1 Km from the hill city of Tawang, the place was then moved under the care of Chang-Sey after the death of the founder of the Gompa.

Bap Teng Kang

Although located at a distance of 80 Km from Tawang while going to Zemithang, tourist rarely miss the 100 ft falls for the sheer beauty it exhibits...Read More

Sangetsar Lake

The lake positioned at 40 Km from Tawang gained more popularity after part of Bollywood movie Koyla starring Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit was filmed around it and since then also referred to as Lake Madhuri.

Banga Jang Lake

This lake along with some others in the area are believed to have been possessed by various deities, and pilgrims visit them in quest of getting a glimpse of the God in the lake. The area feels so pious that it feels a preserved heaven tucked in a corner of earth.

Panganag Teng Tso

A picnic spot for families, and an ice skating destination for people into fun-sports in winters and a sight to behold for all the tourists, the lake is only 18 Km away from the Tawang...Read More

Sela Pass

At 13,714 ft height, the pass would give a feeling of being highest point in the area. The way it feels like being on top of the world is enhanced by the Lake Paradise, positioned few kilometers before the pass...Read More

Bumla Pass

37 Km away from Tawang and at an altitude of 16000 ft, the pass gives one of the best sights of Nature. A special permit needs to be signed from the office of District Commissioner to visit the site of Indo-Sino border...Read More

Gorichen Peak

Highest peak of the region at 22,500 ft, it could be reached after covering 164 Km from Tawang. An admirer of Nature touring this Buddhist hill town cannot afford to miss this peak...Read More

Urgelling Gompa

The place is among the oldest places of worship for the followers of Buddhism built in 14th century by Urgen Sangpo. Tsangyang Tashi, the 6th Dalai Lama was born here. This is another reason making the place sacred to Buddhists...Read More

Brahma Dung Chung Ani Gompa

Some 8 Km away from the heart of the city, the place is worshipped for the serenity and refuge it offers to the visitors, tourists and pilgrims. Lama Karchen Yeshi Gelek of Tsang got it built in 1595 and since then it shelters nuns varying in number and age group.


Also known by the names Bong Bong and Jung Falls, the falling waters present an imposing picture that people dare to click and carry along with them. Covering a distance of 40 Km is worth to get a glimpse of these falls with approx...Read More

Geshila Range and Peak

From the distance of 25 Km from Tawang, the range seems to be providing a protection to town. This could be reached via Khrimu. It is not difficult to assume the views being on top of the peak might reward one with.

Hot Springs

Tsachu and Thingbu Hot Springs located at some distance away from Tawang could be enjoyed for the views they provide. Furthermore, the curative power of the water from spring has given the place recognition as a health resort.

Tawang War Memorial

To commemorate the spirit of martyrdom of the army men died in the Sino-Indian war of 1962, the memorial stands tall in the beautiful place sending message to all the citizens that they would fight everyone to keep providing sense of freedom and security till their last breath.

Tawang Hotels Information

The place gets covered in merry of vacations when a family or group decides it as their place of joy celebrated as togetherness. Best of the accommodation contribute in a huge way to make memories of these time last forever. One can find anything that suits his requirement as well as budget.

Best Time to Visit Tawang

March to June remains the best time but newer experiences could be explored at all other times of the year.

How to Reach Tawang?



Tezpur in Assam has the nearest airport which can take a hill enthusiast to Tawang, crossing 320 Km of distance.



Nearest railhead is also served by Tezpur but with limited connectivity, next to which is Guwahati, 485 Km away connecting Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad to Tawang.



Tawang could be reached by Tezpur in jeep, taxis and buses.

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