Zappy nights with reverberation of excitement mixed with tiny bits of anxiety represent a journey on the spiral roads that lead to one of the most beautiful destination around Hyderabad - Anantagiri Hill Station (also read as Ananthagiri). In daylight, enthralling coffee plantations make entire hill appear washed in shades of light and dark green. The captivating sight is merged with the mists and cloud hanging over the valley, as the ascent nears to this hill town of Telangana. Originating Musi River which flows in Hyderabad and the waterfalls formed by the river only increases the resplendence.

It comes as no surprise on Anantagiri tour when these hills surrounded with Eastern Ghats amazes tourists to no end. At an altitude of 1168 in the Ranga Reddy District near Vikarabad, Anantagiri is considered to be the earliest home of forest dwelling civilization, marks of which could still be seen on walls from medieval time. Breathtaking snail-trail here seems to enhance the feeling of thrill which only gets better.

Top Tourist Attractions in Ananthagiri

Anatagiti usually is combined with a visit to Araku Valley and for most of the tourists the two are one. The hills and the valley have a certain calling but these are coupled with the other places that at the same time inspire devotion of a saint and urge to sin. Tall standing deities overlooking mere mortals and grand entrance of temples amidst the rich bosky places feels welcoming.

Ananthagiri Temple

Also known as Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the protector. One of the best examples of religious harmony in India, the temple is built by Nawab of Hyderabad some 400 years ago.

Musi River

These hills near Vikarabad are credited with the birth of this river which also is lifeline to the city of Hyderabad. Also referred to as Muchukunda River on a name of a sage, it is a tributary to mightier Krishna River.

The Borra Hills and Caves

Another wonder of Nature are these deepest and largest caves in India with a Lord Shiva temple outside. While at an altitude of 1400 m, the caves are around 80 m deep. Maintained properly by the administration.

Coffee Plantation

Tall standing trees supporting the pepper vines and shading the coffee shrubs loaded with berries are something some tourists might never have got a chance to look at. What can be better option than while spending holidays in Ananthagiri.

Katiki or Katki Waterfalls

Water stream falling from 50 ft height near Borra Caves is to be enjoyed with 2 Km of trekking.

Tribal Museum

In Araku, this educational tour can introduce tourists to the other facets of the places and sells things made there, which could be bought as souvenirs. Tribal style shooting could also be tried for joy.

Tyda Park

For a milder introduction with wilderness, this place is great to start with. Birds and animals roam here freely for tourists and campers to see. Moreover, some fun activities make camping more worthy.

Bhavanasi Lake

Considered holy and as a Badrinath of South, the lake originates from Nallamala Hillas and thought to be strengthening faith on God through holy immersing.

Dolphin's Nose

A large rock around 357 m high looking as if a nose of dolphin gets the name to mark that resemblance. A lighthouse on the rock is also among the attractions tourists come for.

Galikonda Viewpoint

Valley cannot look better than here. View from 3800 ft ought to be breath taking.

Nagasamudram Lake

A huge lake, also known as Kotipally reservoir just 20 Km away from the Anathgiri hills is a must see, especially during Monsoon when its grace increase manifolds.

Ananthagiri Hotels Information

A peep out of window and salubrious climate of Ananthagiri Hills wishes a 'Good Day'. Starting the day with the organic coffee from the nearby plantation then is one of the way tourists can think of beginning their vacation to this hill resort. Visiting season is mainly from October to February and not to say accommodations being very less are not easily available during these times so pre-booking is a norm for a holiday to be comfortably spent in this hill resort.

Best Time to Visit Ananthagiri

Anantagiri is an all-time destination as it offers plesant weather round the year. However, the best time to visit Anantagiri Hills is during the monsoon season. It is when this hilly resort comes to life with lush greenery and cascading waterfalls adding more charm.

How to Reach Ananthagiri?



Nearest Airport is Hyderabad connected with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. from where a cab can be hired to cover rest of the 100 Km to Anantgiri.



Rail journey takes through the scintillating Eastern Ghats, one of the world's highest broad gauge tracks, which is from Srikakulam to Anantgiri.



Bikers from Hyderabad often take these roads for a fun of different kind and stopping where there heart tells them to. People on family holidays can take bus or cab as per the need of the size of the group.

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