One might wonder that what in the world people see in Horsley Hill Station that they couldn't resist the urge to caress the soothing grey of clouds and green of flora with their eyes. However, exactly this and more reasons are the bait, like the quaint ambience noticed while walking over huge rocks under the cover of fog hanging over the hills and the valley.

Tourists who have found their first love in these hills feel overwhelmed to call it 'Andhra Ooty' lovingly. Be a part of Horsley Hills tourism and really explore the degrees to which this title suits these hills.

The experience and decision to explore the area rests on the shoulders of the tourists not hesitating to plunge to newer locations for the sake of change. Located in Chittoor district, the place is at 1,265 m from sea level named after W. D. Horsley- an English officer visiting the place during 1840-43 of British reign.

Caught in the charm of the misty-foggy greens, he chose to make his residence here (which is now summer residence of Governor of Andhra Pradesh) and thus the place got the name by which it is known today.

Top Tourist Attractions in Horsley Hills

Imagine the noisy sea shore of the coastal line that Andhra is proud of. These hills do not call for attention as does the sea but the silence is the prime sign of recognition beginning to show around 165 Km away from Bangalore. Bow head in a temple with extraordinary legend and feel reaching rapture in the tranquil locations on Horsley Hills tour.

Mallamma Temple

The temple is erected in honor of a girl named Mallamma who was believed to be found and nurtured by elephants. She healed locals as she grew up but later disappeared without any sign of existence left behind.

Shiva Temple

Ask anyone here and he would be able to point toward the pious spot that is never missed by those religiously inclined and already half in love with Nature.

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at Palamaner some 87 Km away from Horsley Hills that act as the starting point for the sanctuary which also is an elephant reserve, the place is full of versatility that is attributed to pristine Nature.

Thimmamma Marrimanu

The place is revered for the presence of the Banyan trees in huge numbers that are claimed to be largest in the world in this region only.

Lake Gangotri and Mansarovar

There are legends that say these lakes never dry up.

Highview Seeing Point

Highest view point in the area is this from where everything seems slowed down. Dipping sun is magical from this area as it seems to be going down in the valley.


A cliff slope is known to exhibit wonderful scenery of ravines. Walk through the Nature as you feel like and feel the gusts of wind for which it is also referred to as Wind Rock.

Kalyani Tree

The tree is known for being planted in 1859 by W H Horsley from whom the name of this hill town is borrowed as well. The size has won the tree Maha Vriksha Award.

Environmental Park

Came in to existence by the efforts of an environmentalist named Balijepalli Venkata Subba Rao from Hyderabad. With a museum for in depth info, enjoy a time cherishing being in trance.

Rishi Valley School

Though a school, it has become a place that tourists love to visit, mostly because of the surroundings it is in.

Other Must Vist Places around Horsley Hills

These hills are quite small for those who are planning some long trip in solace. Thus, following are the options in case one is open to versatile experiences and not just cool temptation of hills of south.


Just few kilometers journey can add to the experience of visiting south by manifolds.


Horsley hills are a part of the same district as is this city. Tourists often visit the two together.


Better known for Hindu pilgrimage, this place has visitors and devotes streaming in from all corners of India as well as world.


This is the nearest town to these hills and has all the things that are required by the tourists once they are on the heights. Thus, visiting this town is more or less a necessity that one rarely regrets, even if combined in Horsley Hills travel package.

Horsley Hotels Information

Hotels in Horsley hills are restricted to the guest house by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Limited (APTDC) which is known as APTDC Haritha Resort. Forest Guests houses, Chittoor Cooperative Society guest house and Governor's Bungalow are some of the places where lazy nights and active mornings could be spent without worrying for anything during Horsley hills holidays.

Best Time to Visit Horsley

With that, many people deduce, and rightly so that monsoons can come across as an inconvenience unless there is a special liking to it. Summers remain the favorite of the regular holidayers. And winters also do not lag behind but have only one drawback of crowd during Christmas and New Year.

How to Reach Horsley?



Visitors preferring air travel can come either to airport at Tirupati or at Bangalore which are at distance of 160 and 165 Km respectively from Horsey Hills for which taxis could be hired.



A railway station at Madanapalle Road brings the tourists closest to the Horsley hills, only 43 Km from here.



Out of various routes to Horsley Hills from Bangalore, one can choose depending upon the traffic, mood of weather, etc, especially in own vehicles. All of these routes inadvertently bring to Madanapalle.

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