Peermade Hill Station

Peermede Hill Station - a place rewarding all the senses! Wondering how; read on to know.

The fragrance of all kinds of spices that have put Indian cuisine on the world map could be sniffed entering in this region of Kerala as well. The temptation of this journey begins with the tickle of senses like nose and taste buds, even if one is too far to actually indulge in them. On arriving, the eyes are pleasured with the sights of sprawling estates allowing the slopes of hill to appear under verdant cover of coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom and rubber plantations under the contrasting blue-grey of the sky. At 950 m above sea level, when air blows or fog and mists up on the hills touch skin, welcome message is easy to interpret, just as the ears can listen to humming rhythm of steams of falls and rivers setting an all-entertaining stage. Result is gratified five senses giving way to ultimate Peermede holidays experience.

People aware of the lexical relevance of the word 'Peer' would know that it refers to a Muslim saint. The history of the place relates it with the Peer Mohammad who was close to the then royal Travancore family. The saint was believed to be the first spice trader in the region and this is how the place has taken the name everyone currently knows it by. For long the place served itself as the summer retreat of royals.

Tourist Attractions

A quite place tucked away from usual hustle bustle, the place is an invitation-incarnate, giving time to introspect, retrospect and explore the place and in the process- self. There are not many destinations as such but the natural beauty found here could give competition to the surrounding places. Some of the aspects of Peermade tourism are-

Nature's Lure

Thrissanku Hills - When 4 Km of distance is covered from Peermede, one reaches to these hills with a sunrise and sunset to die for amidst all the greenery. Be ready to click away the glimpses of Western Ghats.

Panchalimedu - A prominent character in the Indian epic Mahabharata, Draupadi, also known as Panchali, wife of Pandavas is known to be revered as a goddess in south. This place has pond Panchalikulam which is believed to be the used for bathing by her.

Grampi - Also referred to as Paranthupara or eagle rock, the place is famed to provide a bird eye's view. Welcoming spice and tea-coffee plantation on the road to this place is a cue that more welcome-sights are on their way to meet eyes.

Peeru Hills - Trekkers as well as fond of picnics love this scenic location 4 km from Peermede. Travel as per convenience and see the charm unfold.

Madammakkulam - A waterfall and a pond below it seems to be a great spot for spending hours in noise filled silence. This is what the place has as its main attraction, named after a British lady who used to frequent it.

Kuttikanam - Trekking more often than not is the best possible way of enjoying this place. There are other adventures happening here; decide either to be a spectator or a participant, joy of being there is irrepressible.

Amritha Medu - Ideal for trekking and answering the invitation of Mother Nature, the place is known for Good Friday gathering.


Summer Palace - The place was meant as a summer retreat for royal of Travancore family and now is a tourists spot worth a visit. Here, the tomb of sufi saint as well as the residence of Diwan can also be located.

Places around Peermede

Reading what all is mentioned above has already made your mind of exploring the place, few additions in Peermede travel package are not at all going to hurt. Consider following if you are looking for a bit longer holidays in this region of Kerala.

Pattumala - As silk comes to understood for beauty soothing eyes and skin when worn as clothes, the place gives the same feeling as if worn on soul. Situated some 17 km from Peermade, the hill town is a beauty to cherish as the meaning of its name slowly dawns on unsuspecting visitors.

Vagamon - One of the well known places around the region, Vagamon is 25 Km away from Peermede, attracting tourists for stories in historical folds of time and the hill charm that never fails to amaze.

Kottayam - Some way below the Peermede, this destination help changing the mood one from romance to sheer bliss, as represented by the Kerala.

Kanjirappally - Rubber plantations, Pamba River and Ganapathiyar Kovil are some of the most visible aspects of this town but a curious soul can always explore more.

Things to do

As hinted above under various places to visit, a fair idea should be there. All that could be the possibilities and extent of joyful Peermade tour has in store are surely on mind already. For a recap though, trekking, lake sighting, learning about plantations and growing tea, coffee, spices and rubber are some of the activities most enjoyed. These also help in getting insights on a local culture and people, add-on of such a trip.

Hotel Information

Chilly nights give way to foggy misty mornings. Witnessing them from the huge glass pane of a cozy accommodation is a sight tourists look forward to. Surfing online various hill resorts and hotels in Peermede or taking in recommendation of friends and families can take to some of the well known lodgings like KTDC Yatri Niwas, Himarani, Wood Palace Heritage hotel, Thrisangu Heaven, Misti Mountain, Dream land Hill resort, etc.

Booking one of them as per size of the group and requirements can save tourists to the place from lot of worry and anxiety, especially when it is peak season.


The prime months of this hill station are summer, winter and monsoon as with all the other places. Summer witnesses 22°C to 29°C, considerably cooler than the heat of southern plains. Then there are rains in the months of monsoon from June to August when the area is wet and windy. Winter are cooler than all the other months of the year when temperature teases a plunge to 12°C making it a 'cool' time for romance.

Best time to visit

Enjoying the area is much easier in comfortable weather which generally is a characteristic of summers in hill station. This makes it 'hot' tourism getaway. Else, other seasons could also be tested by explorers at heart.

How to reach

Air - Cochin International Airport, which is 130 Km away from Peermade can be boarding point. If not, Madurai airport is the other option.

Rail - Kottayam, 51 Km from Peermede is the railway station visitors reach to before they embark to mountain-road trip to Peermede.

Road - cities and towns like Bangalore, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Thekkady and Kumly are well connected with Peermede and could be directly reached by car or bus.

Peermede - the next destination for exhilarating summers or maybe winters, isn't it!.