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Pilgrimage Tourism in Rajasthan

If there is any state where the rich cultures and traditions of India are still intact than it has to Rajasthan. While walking on the streets of Rajasthan, one can touch, taste, and experience the local culture and come across certain ancient religious practices that were familiar only to our ancestors. With a calendar full of celebrations and something unique happening every day, one can easily to get to know that people of Rajasthan are very serious when it comes to following religious practices.

The major chunk of tourists visits Rajasthan not only to get acquaintance with its iconic heritages and marvelous masterpieces but also to quench their spiritual thirst and pray with heart and soul. Be it mosque or temple; Rajasthan is bestowed with shrines of multiple religion that evokes a pure feeling of dignity and communal harmony. At the top it, most of the shrines was created by ruling monarchs, which makes them an exemplary of high artistic beauty. Even today, the beauty of the shrines are evident even after facing so many calamities, disasters, and wars. Visiting Rajasthan for a pilgrimage holiday reminds one of time that have remain visually unchanged over centuries.

In some parts of Rajasthan like Kota, Bundi, Pushkar, Alwar, Bikaner, Dungarpur, Hindu practices and culture has continued to evolve, and its ideologies are embraced by the people. Worship of Shiva, Rama, Krishna and Shakti are pre-eminent amongst the other Hindu deities that are worshiped here. For Jains, the sprawling temple complex of Ranakpur and Dilwara Jain Temple are believed to be very holy and attracting many visitors from all the corners of the world. Rajasthan also has many dargahs and mosques too.

Being on the divine trail to Rajasthan promises to be an unforgettable experience as one weave their way through a variety of landscapes: from the ones located amidst the waterbodies to the one tucked on hills. A repository of all the sacred buildings, Rajasthan is a must visit for an upcoming pilgrimage tour.

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