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Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri

The temple is situated in Abhaneri village in Dausa district of Rajasthan, India. It is 95 km away from Jaipur and lies on the Jaipur- Agra road. The village is popular for Harsha Mata Temple and Chand Baori step well.

There is a mandap inside the temple which is built on pillars in a sanctum style scheme. The outer walls of the temple have Brahman bhadra niches and images of gods carved on them. There are fine sculptures that can be found in the upper shiver of the temple. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Harshat Mata who is considered to be the goddess of happiness and joy.

The temple serves as a famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan and mostly Abhaneri or Abha Nagri. However the temple has been almost ruined during the invasion by Islamic rulers in the 10th century. Still the temple boasts about its sculptural and architectural styles. According to legends the goddess always seems to be happy and cheerful and imparts the same to the entire village. Since the temple is located just opposite to the famous Chand Baori, one has to follow the ritual of washing hands and feet at the well before entering the temple.

The mandap or the sanctum present in the temple is dome like or circular based architecture. The idol of the goddess is protected by boundaries all around made of iron. The stairs in front of the gate are constructed in such a way that it will lead anyone to the surface as well as the upper shiver of the temple immediately. There is a Shiva temple that consists of a Shiva Panchayat on the right side of the upper shiver. The pillars of the temple are beautifully carved and designed to attract people from all over India.

History of the Attraction

This huge temple was built in 8th century by King Chand. The temple is very old and almost half of the temple is ruined. Still the temple boasts the remaining architecture and sculptures that are present in it. Apart from that, the temple has beautifully designed mandap and pillars that are amazing to see. The architecture of the temple is also different from other temples and gives it a unique look. However the image of the goddess is not visible to people, their faith pull them to visit the temple.

Getting There

The village Abhaneri is 95 km away from the main city of Jaipur and can be reached by buses or taxis. One can also take their private vehicles with them to visit the temple. The place is easily accessible and reaching the temple is not difficult.

Things to Do in and around

One can visit the temple to seek blessing from the deity of joy and happiness and can see the architecture and design of the temple along with age old carvings that are done on the pillars and walls of the temple. Apart from that the famous Chand Baori is also a major tourist attraction. After visiting the temple one can move to the main city and have loads of fun.

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The temple is open to all throughout the day and people can visit the temple at any time of the day.

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee asked to enter the temple.

Best Time to Visit

Any time of the year is the best time to visit the temple.

  • Harshat Mata Temple, Abhaneri
  • Harshat Mata Mandir, Abhaneri
  • Harshat Mata Temple, Rajasthan
  • Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri, Rajasthan

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