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Shrines of Shah Hafiz Ullah Rajasthan

Rajasthan is blessed with a multi-religious culture and has served various dynasties as well. Thus it has a high count of the number of world heritage sites within India. A trip to Rajasthan, without visiting the Shrine of Shah Hafiz Ullah, is considered incomplete. This pilgrimage trip will provide the much needed moments of solitude and leave you enchanted by its beautiful architecture and craftsmanship. It may excite the artisan within you on knowing, that this shrine was built partially on an elevated plinth and the rest was carved out of a hill. It was constructed during the receding years of Mughal rule; inscriptions engraved beautifully on its wall suggest that it was completed during the reign of Shah Alani. Basically, the shrine is a square shaped chamber with a dome overhead. The walls bear arched niches, one overlapping over the other in a symmetric pattern. The Mihrab wall bears descriptive inscriptions on the dates significant with the history of the mosque.

History of the Attraction

The fine work of art was completed by 8th January 1790 under the reign of Shah Alani. The parts of the temple were built using recycled materials of nearby temples and structures. As interpreted by the name, the shrine was built in memory of Shah Hafiz Ullah, a man renowned for his pious nature. He was a religious person and was locally called as Hafiz Dada. He passed away in January 1775.

Getting There

The Shrine is considered a must visit place for one and all. Being a famous landmark, all you need to locate is the Daman Kuh Masjid present at the foothills of Kuh-i-Jinnat. The shrine is found within the vicinity of this mosque. You can hire a cab from Jaipur, that is easily available within the city.

Things to Do in and around

Complete your pilgrimage with paying respects in the Daman Kuh Masjid that is, at the south-west vicinity of the shrine. There are a number of local sightseeing places, that are sure to give the needed impetus to the remaining day of your Rajasthan tour.

Opening/Closing timings and days

The doors of the mosque are open to all its visitors post dawn and remain open till nightfall.

Entry fee

Being a pilgrimage site, visitors are not charged with any entry fee.

Best Time to Visit

The doors of Shrine of Shah Hafiz Ullah are open to all and at all times. However, if you want to plan a holiday with family in this part of the state, then do so in the winter to enjoy the best out of whatever you experience.

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