States Rajasthan Summer Getaways

Rajasthan Summer Getaways

Although Rajasthan becomes blazing hot in the summer season, making it difficult to travel and indulge into sightseeing, there are handful of tourist places that can still be explored. Amongst the popular places to visit in summer are the capital city of Jaipur; the gorgeous lake city, Udaipur; and the only station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu. Inarguably, it is gets really hot during summers in Jaipur, with temperature touching 45 degree Celsius mark, this is why, Rajasthan tourism department thought of operating a night sightseeing tour for the convenience of tourists. Major tourist places are included in the tour, and witnessing them gleaming in the gorgeous lights is a great experience.

Apart from, Jaipur, the breathtaking city of Udaipur can be visited during summer season, indeed, the temperature remains high here as well, however, it doesn’t get unbearably hot. Therefore, sightseeing is possible in the daytime here. Udaipur boasts large water bodies and stunning architecture, which certainly compensate for the sweltering summer time. Rajasthan’s very own hill station, Mount Abu is obviously a perfect summer destination. Offering respite from the scorching sun, this hill station is perfect for a soothing and relaxing holiday right in the heart of the state. Enjoy boating, seek the blessing at Dilwara Jain Temple, and stroll through the beautiful landscape to make your summer vacation in Rajasthan, a memorable one.

Rajasthan Summer Getaways

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