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Rasik Bihari Temple Jodhpur

Among the many places of worship in Jodhpur, the Rasik Bihari Temple is also a famous one which is often visited by the tourists travelling to this place. This temple is known by another famous name which is the Naini Ji Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna whose another name is Rasik Bihari after which it is being named.

The main portion of the temple is made of white stone and is surrounded by meeting halls on all sides. These halls are called Sabha Mandaps which have red colored pillars made of sandstones. There is also a gallery inside the temple called the parikrama. At the entrance of the temple you will see the statues of Lord Garuda, Vishnu and Hanumanji on either sides of the gate which is a great attraction for the tourists. The visitors will also notice the statue of Lord Surya inside the temple premises. In the centre hall of the temple the idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radhaji adorn the place with their mesmerizing beauty. Both the idols are beautifully decorated and well maintained. This temple is a must visit when you are on holidays in Jaipur.

History of the Attraction

The Rasik Bihari Temple was built by Naini Bai. In 1885 AD, Raja Jaswant Singh gave an idol of Lord Nandi made of marble to be kept in this temple.

Getting There

Both the Jodhpur Railway Station and Jodhpur airport are well connected to the Rasik Bihari Temple and can be reached from any cities of the country. Tourists will also get ample local transport from Jodhpur which carries passengers to the temple.

Things to Do in and around

This temple reflects the architectural beauty with which the temple had been constructed. You will witness here a splendid work of art done by the artisans of those eras which even today attracts people from all over the country. Being a site of Hindu pilgrimage it experiences a huge crowd every year. Especially the devotees of Lord Krishna often visit this place to offer their prayers.

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The opening of the temple gate varies as per the seasons.

Summer: the morning pooja starts from 6:30 am to 7am and the evening pooja starts from 6:45pm to 7:30pm.

Winter: the morning pooja is from 6:45am to 7:30am and the evening pooja starts at 6:45pm and ends at 7:30pm.

Entry Fees

No entry fee is charged.

Best Time to Visit

The perfect time for a trip to Jodhpur is during the winter months when the climate is pleasing.

  • Rasik Bihari Temple, Jodhpur
  • Rasik Bihari Temple Jodhpur
  • Rasik Bihari Mandir, Jodhpur
  • Rasik Bihari Temple Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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