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Monsoon Weather Rajasthan

After the sweltering summer in Rajasthan, monsoon comes as a fresh breath of air. One can experience a sudden drop in temperature, and thus, this season that begins from mid June and ends in September is a good time to visit Rajasthan. Monsoon is also a best time to relish sometime alone with monuments and other popular attractions which otherwise remain crammed with tourists during the peak tourist season. Therefore, monsoon also brings incredible opportunity for photography as well.

Monsoon rains in Rajasthan are often light, which mainly contribute in bringing the temperature down, and making some of the parts of the state quite green and picturesque. The season is also ornate with festivals like Teej, Kalji Teej and Abhaneri Festival, all of which offer a peek into the rich culture and traditions of Rajasthan. If at all, you wish to avoid the rush, and want to enjoy the best of the state without being disturbed, monsoon season in Rajasthan is the best time to plan a tour.

Monsoon Weather in Rajasthan

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