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Rajasthan, spreading across the area of 3,42,000 sq km across the north-west zone, brings the ultimate wilderness across its distinct reserves and sanctuaries. Every year around thousands of nature lover oomph for this amazing landscape that was once being ruled by the royal Rajputanas. Observing Rajasthan wildlife is actually encountering number of mammals and birds living in sovereignty at various sanctuaries and reserves.

The largest state in India in terms of area, Rajasthan has basically tremendous richness in wilderness. If we talk about the sand dunes or deserted land, the regions are simply limitless but on the other way, it is the same land that also boasts rich semi-evergreen forests and that simply brings the perfect home for variant animal species.

The vast size and latitudinal variations (1700 m above the sea level) have brought the varied vegetations; contrasting the barren or dry scrub grasslands of deserts and the dry deciduous thorn forests of the oldest Aravali Hills to the wet marshlands of Bharatpur. Rajasthan wildlife tour is really a benevolent experience as it lets you steep deep into the lush foliage of the major sanctuaries and wildlife reserves which is heaven for the royal tigers along with the abundance of species like leopard, village dogs, assess, calves and goats. Above all, the Rajasthan wildlife tourism brings the ultimate sighting of thousands of species of birds including the migratory one.

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