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Nimbo Ka Nath Temple Pali

The Nimbo Ka Nath Mahadev temple is located in the Pali district of Rajasthan. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts many devotees all round the year. The temple has a close relevance to our Hindu Mythological beliefs and is considered a very holy place for the Hindus. There are beautiful carvings on the temple walls and is a major part of the Pali city. The surrounding of the temple is very touching. The temple organizes fairs during special occasions and during this time the temple adorns a complete new look. Many people visit the temple during this fair and seek blessings from the deity. The idol of Lord Shiva established inside the temple premises is beautifully crafted. The smell of incense from the interiors of the temple will fill your heart with a divine feeling and creates an aesthetic environment all around.

History of the Attraction

As per our Hindu mythology, Kunti who was the mother of the Pandavas worshipped Lord Shiva during their times of exile in this place. This is the place where the Nimbo Ka Nath temple had been constructed in dedication to Lord Shiva. It is also said that the Pandavas had built a Navdurga at this place which is also being worshipped.

Getting There

The Pali railway station is nearest to the temple and connects to all the major cities of our country. Visitors can also take a flight to the Jodhpur airport and then hire any local transport to reach the temple. You will also get many taxis and buses from Falna to Pali which another route to the temple.

Things to Do in and around

The Pali district of Rajasthan has a number of tourist attractions and has become a developed tourism place owing to its numerous places of visit. On your visit to this city do not miss out to see Ranakpur, Jawai dam, the Bangur museum, Lakhotia gardens and the Jadan Ashram which are some of the notable places of the district.

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The Nimbo Ka Nath Temple in Pali is open throughout the week on all times of the day. The visitors can visit the temple and offer their praying at any time of the day.

Entry Fees

The temple charges no admission fee from its visitors.

Best Time to Visit

The perfect time to visit this temple is during the occasions of Baisakhi Purnima and Shivratri when fairs are being held in the temple.

  • Nimbo Ka Nath Temple, Pali

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