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Luxury Holidays in Rajasthan

The literal meaning of the term ‘Rajasthan’ is realms of Maharaja and their majestic forts and palaces. If the word is so royal than one could imagine how magnificent the place could be. From pink to blue to golden, every region of the state is beautifully lid and is dominated by grand monuments that speak about the iconic past. So, If tourists are fascinated by the regal splendors and the idea of staying in classiest hotel excites than a luxury vacation in Rajasthan is a must as it features the grand hotels, spa centers and even the best mode of communication. Mentioned below are some reasons why one should visit Rajasthan for their upcoming luxury holiday.

Top Destinations for Luxury Holidays in Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Tour

For the Most Scenic Train Journey in the World

Since its the state of royals, apparently, the mode of communication or the transportation has to be equally exclusive. There are multiple districts in Rajasthan and taking tourists to all these places in the King style is the luxury train - Royal Rajasthan on Wheels or Palace On Wheels. Unlike others, on a journey to these two trains one can sink into relaxing massage session; sample spicy Rajasthani cuisine in restaurant and bar-cum-lounge; relaxing stay in twin-bedded chambers with attached bathrooms and pampering session in the well-furnished salon, while enjoying the pretty view of the desert rolling by.

Luxury Hotels Rajasthan

For a Stay in World’s Most Expensive Hotels

Remember that beautiful hotel in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a new British comedy or the floating island in James Bond movie - Octopussy or that Bollywood Movie- Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani where Kalk's wedding was shot; well all those places are real and are the famous hotel properties of Rajasthan. To treat tourists with utmost luxury, maximum no of hotels chains have converted magnificent pieces of Rajasthan’s heritage into hotels. The major percentage of hotels are adorned with exotic murals; original artifacts; king sized beds, manicured gardens; mirrored bar; sunlit corridors and most modern style with the convenience that were once the properties of then reigning monarchs. Even the world's most expensive hotel - Raj Palace, where a stay would cost around Rs 27 lakhs, is in Jaipur. A stay in any of these hotels would transfer one to the world where everything is lavish, luxurious and larger than the life.

Jadi Buti

To Rejuvenate, Relax and Revive the Royal Way

Rajasthan is so much attached to its roots and traditions that some of its finest body treatment, in the form of the spa massages, include natural oils, and international Ayurvedic techniques. To relax their guests the way royal does, spa owners have established themselves in the 18th-century haveli (mansion); restored to ancient splendor with large fretwork doors, crystal chandelier, oil portraits, and caressed by the gentle sound of water cascading over a white marble fountain.

Golf in Rajasthan

To See the Exciting Sports with Royal Guests

From the golf course to vintage car rally to archery, Maharajas of Rajasthan used to indulge in a good variety of sports. In fact, it was through these polo and golf grounds; the royals used to show their mastery over the sports. It might sound a little weird but in Rajasthan, which is an arid region, one can find sprawling golf courses and polo gardens attached with the major fortress. Three type of polo, including horse, elephant, and camel, are mainly famous in Jodhpur and Udaipur. To keep up the royal traditions, every year, a Jaipur Vintage Car Rally is organized that gathers all the royal families to put their best car forward. When on a luxury holiday in Rajasthan, make a point to be a part of exciting and adventurous games and events.

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