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Khanqah of Shaikh Suhrawardi Mosque Nagaur

Nagaur is the administrative headquarters of the Nagaur district in Rajasthan. It was once a Muslim dominated region under the Mewar dynasty. During that era, several Mosques or Masjids were built which are considered as national heritage. One such epitome of faith, purity and harmony is the Khanqah of Shaikh Suhrawardi Mosque that is visited by countless devotees all through the year. It can be seen within the vicinity of Khanqah of Qazi Hamiduddin Suhrawardi, surrounding the Nahar Pole.

Broadly speaking a Khanqah is a building erected to gather brothers following Sufism, who are engaged in recreational and spiritual tasks. The Khanqah of Shaikh Suhrawardi Mosque has seen through kingdoms of the Mewar, the Mughal and the Rathore dynasties. The architecture of the Masjid displays a blend of various cultures and customs that have developed together in harmony. Certain walls on the mosque are engraved with inscriptions that are dedicated to pious saints and priests who have enlightened dwindled minds. The Mosque is named after the saint Suhrawadi, who introduced an order in Sufism, prominently known as the Suhrawasi Silsila. His work and words were spread far and wide by his disciples.

History of the attraction

Built in 1522 AD, the construction of these mosques was completed during the rulership of Abu Muzaffar Islam Shah, son of the famous king Sher Shah. The design and planning of the Masjid was executed by Miyan Khwaja, son of Shakar Batani. Certain engravings on the walls of the Khanqah speak of Sheikh Sulaiman, a wise man who was admired by the Hindu as well as the Muslim communities.

Getting There

For those travelling to Nagaur from Jaipur, you can reserve seats in the Leelan Express that covers 175 kms over 1 hour 49 minutes from Jaipur. The Khanqah can be located near the Nahar Pol and is easily distinguished from other structures thanks to its beautiful architecture.

Things to Do in and around

After visiting the mosque, you can plan a road trip around Nagaur and peek into some of the other sightseeing places, such as the Meena Bazaar, the Fort of Hooded Cobra, and the Hadi Rani Mahal that displays several picturesque artefacts.

Opening and Closing Times

There are no particular visiting hours maintained by the shrine premises. However a standard timing covering the 5 times azans is maintained.

Entry Fee

Visitors and devotees are not charged with any entry fee.

Best Time to Visit

If you have planned a holiday in Rajasthan, then do pay a visit to this holy site of worship. The best time to visit this part of the state is during the months of winter.

  • Khanqah of Shaikh Suhrawardi Mosque Nagaur, Rajasthan

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