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An emerald oasis, Ajmer lies in a valley encircled by the ancient Aravalli Range in the state of Rajasthan. Ajmer was named after Ajay Meru which means the ‘Invincible Mountain’ referring to the Taragarh hill along the slope of which Ajmer is situated. It is a heritage city receiving aid from the Indian government’s Yojana Scheme. It lies to the west of Jaipur. Ajmer Sharif and Adhai Din ka Jhonpra are two popular tourism places Ajmer is known for.

An Insight into Ajmer Tourism

Ajmer was founded on barren hills in the 7th Century A.D by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan naming it Ajaymeru. The first fort was built at Taragarh here at Ajmer, which made the city a centre for power. The Afghans took over reins from Prithviraj Chauhan the last of the Chauhans. A turbulent set of three centuries followed thereafter. Emperor Akbar declared it a province in 1556 A.D. It became the headquarters for Mughal operations in Rajasthan. After the Mughal decline the Scindias of Gwalior gained power in Ajmer. The British influenced Ajmer in a different way. Top of the line Educational institutions like Mayo College and King George Military school came up to cater to the princely class. Till date Ajmer is home to many prestigious public schools. Today Ajmer is a favourite travel destination in Rajasthan. A holiday guide to Ajmer promises religious places and regal architecture. The mausoleum of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is an important place of worship for Hindus and Muslims alike. His Dargah is said to bring peace of mind, restore health, relieve trouble and bring forth happiness to those bereft of happiness. It remains one of the major tourist attractions in Ajmer. Other sightseeing places in Ajmer are the Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpara, Taragarh fort, Akbari Fort and Museum, Maqbara Shaikh Husain and Anasagar Lake. Ajmer is also the base for Pushkar, which has one of its Brahma Temple.

Languages spoken here are varied too, Hindi, Sindhi, Urdu, English and Rajasthani contribute to the multilingual diversity and add to the colourful melee of cultural ethos. This adds to the welcoming flavour much important to extend a friendly hand to tourists in Ajmer. Often the night sky of Ajmer is seen glittering with vibrant fireworks displays. The arid landscape lends itself to film and filmmaking as well,since its sand dunes and craggy topography have a unique charm. Ajmer is also one of the best places to try the Rajasthani cuisine. Dal bati churma or Bajre ki Khichdi- lentils take on a different avatar. Simple chickpea flour gives Gatte ki sabzi. The creative cuisine having evolved as a consequence of the arid and rain starved climate. Sweets are rich and flavourful so you are bound to delight in these gastronomic treats. Rajasthani miniature paintings and meenakari jewellery that have found admirers globally can be bought at Ajmer. Besides, their blue pottery are sure choices for any art aficionado for the sheer beauty, glaze and vibrancy in colour and variety. Fairs and Festivals are on Ajmer’s calendar what with a great ethnic mix of people who celebrate an Urs and Diwali with equal fervour. The Pushkar mela or fair is a major crowd puller. Vacationing in Ajmer would most definitely be a rejuvenating, refreshing and enriching affair. Long after the actual trip is over, one can be sure to have a treasure trove of memorabilia which can enthral and engage for aeons to come.

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