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Taleti Masjid Bayana

Taleti Masjid is located in Bayana in a hill fort. In Rajasthan, it is one of the most imposing mosques.

The mosque is named so because of the position of it at the bottom of the hill which is also called taleti. With two aisles and seven opening in front of the gate, the mosque is a very simple building. It is 55 feet in length and is 22 feet broad. The mosque has many inscriptions caved on the walls which tell about the era in which it was constructed and by whom. The inscriptions are written in Persian and are mesmerizing. The architecture of the mosque is similar to those other mosques with a dome at the top. The mosque is carved with inscriptions and other Arabic and Persian artworks that are splendid.

The mosque is designed in proper Islamic architecture keeping everything in mind about the culture.

History of the attraction

It was built in the month of Ramzan in the year 1420 A. D. during the reign of Auhad Khan Karim ul Mulk by architecture Mahtaf Khan. Auhad Khan was the son of Auhadi and was earlier known as KArim ul Mulk. His father Auhadi was the founder of Auhadi dynasty.

Getting There

The mosque can be by bus, train and taxi. One has to reach Bharatpur first and then from there can get bus or taxi to reach the mosque.

Things to Do in and around

Viewing the amazing architecture and the inscriptions carved on the walls of mosque. Apart from that sightseeing is also done.

Opening/Closing timings and days

The mosque is open throughout the day for all public.

Entry fee

There is no entry fee needed to enter the mosque.

Best Time to Visit

Any time of the year is the best time to visit the mosque. During occasions, visiting the mosque is a good idea.

  • Taleti Masjid Bayana, Rajasthan

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