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Mosque of Bai Tilokdi Kalawant Ajmer

Ajmer is the one of the most visited cities of Rajasthan, as it is home to various mosques and temples that have been built centuries back for pilgrimage and as a centre of service for the needy. So,on your trip to Ajmer, do spend a day in the Dargah Bazaar and few moments of inner peace and solitude in the Mosque of Bai Tilokdi Kalawant. Its beautiful interiors and well-planned architecture is evident even today. History gets its own space here, as short inscriptions have found their way on decorated walls and the Mihrab. Descriptions about its founder, Trilok Devi, are engraved in Persian language on a marble slab that also displays short verses carved alongside describing Tantaray Khan, son of legendary musician Tansen.

History of the Attraction

Historically this Masjid inspires all to break boundaries of religions, as it was built by a Hindu lady during the Mughal reign. Its founder, Bai Tilokdi or Trilok Devi was the daughter Mian Tansen, the renowned musician of the Mughal royal house. It was built in 1652 AD and visited religiously by devotees nationwide

Getting There

Dargah Bazaar in Ajmer attracts people of all nationalities to its bustling market area, food outlets and alleys leading to the Mosque of Bai Tilokdi Kalawant. To reach this point, you can board a train from Jaipur to Ajmer, and hire a cab to the bazaar from the Ajmer junction station covering 5 kms. Those travelling from Jaipur domestic terminal can expect a ride of 2 hours 20 minutes to the Masjid.

Things to Do in and around

There are lots to see and enjoy once you have stepped outside the serene ambience of the Mosque and  reached the buzzing and busy streets of Dargah Bazaar. Besides the marketing spree, you can pamper your taste buds with the Rajasthani delicacies, especially if you have a soft corner for red meat, chicken and biryani. For those who wish to travel farther, can visit the Pushakr Lake and temple that enjoys the pride of being the only temple of  Brahma in his original form, around the world.

Opening/Closing timings and days

The doors of the mosque are open to all its visitors post dawn and remain open till nightfall.

Entry Fee

Being a pilgrimage site, visitors are not charged with any entry fee.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your holiday trip to Ajmer during the winter season that is the peak season of tourism in Rajasthan. Amongst the most visited places there, do mark the Mosque of Bai Tilokdi Kalawant  in the hit list.

  • Mosque of Bai Tilokdi Kalawant, Rajasthan

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