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Salasar Balaji Dham Charur

This place of religious importance is located in the town of Salasar in Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman who is also known by the name Balaji. The temple is constructed in white marble stone. The prayer hall of the temple and the Sanctum is marvelously designed in the work of silver and gold. The temple is also called the Salasar Dham which is the Place of Power. It attracts numerous devotees from all parts of the country and is a well known tourist spot as well. The entry gates of the temple have beautiful carvings on marbles which makes them very attractive. You will notice work of floral patterns adorning the shrine of the temple. It is believed that visiting this temple and offering prayers has resulted in many miracles and fulfillment of wishes of the worshippers. Tying of coconut is a very famous ritual of this temple and it is believed to make wishes of the devotees come true. Another ritual performed here is the Savamani where 50 kg of food is offered by the devotee to Lord Balaji.

History of the Attraction

There is an interesting story behind the Salasar Balaji temple. It is said that when a farmer was ploughing his fields, he found the idol of Lord Hanuman. His wife cleaned the idol and worshipped Lord Hanuman as Balaji. There was a nearby village named Asota where Balaji came in the dreams of Thakur of the village and ordered him to send the idol of Hanuman to Salasar. It is believed that Lord Balaji had also appeared in the dreams of a devotee saying him the same thing. After this incident, the idol of Balaji was brought to Salasar which gave rise to this temple that we see today.

Getting There

The Jaipur Railway Station and airways are both very near to the Salasar town. After reaching here the visitors have to hire a taxi or bus to reach the temple. There are also regular buses available from Delhi to Jaipur which carry passengers to this holy place.

Things to Do in and around

There are several small temples which are located in the surrounding of the main temple of Lord Balaji. The most famous among them and often visited by the tourists is the Mata Anjana Devi Temple which about 1km away from the Salasar Balaji Dham Charu.

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The Salasar Balaji Temple remains open for the visitors from 4 in the morning till 10 in the night.

Entry Fees


Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the temple is during the festivals of Chaitra Purnima and Ashvin Purnima which are considered very holy days to offer tribute to the deity.

  • Salasar Balaji Dham, Charur
  • Salasar Balaji Dham Charur
  • Salasar Balaji Dham, Charur
  • Salasar Balaji Dham Charur, Rajasthan

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