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Water Pool Wokha Nagaland

Popularly known as Etsüchukha, Water Pool of Wokha District, Nagaland, is located right in the heart of the town. It adds joviality to the lives of its resident and also to the tourists which is why it figures onto one of the places to visit while you’re in your vacation exploring the North East India. The lake is bow shaped and is clustered with several rare orchids which are unique to this water pool. This adds to the beauty of the place even more especially when you are taking a walk on a sunny day. This water pool has been famed since the period of the British rule who had been the first to draw water from the lake when they had set up their government in Wokha. The water pool has still managed to be the main source of water for the local residents.

Popular Things to do & See

For all those visiting the tourist attractions of Wokha, a walk around the water pool is one of the things that you must do because you will enjoy and witness the greenery and be astounded and mesmerised by the beauty of the pool. The lake sparkles with the natural light giving you an excuse to enjoy a great photography session with your friends and family.

Getting There 

You can reach and explore Water Pool by buses, and rental cars from Wokha town.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for tourism in Water Pool is during the months of October to February.

Water Pool, Wokha

During these months, one can witness Water Pool at its best. The garden and greenery around is well maintained with many wild and hilly flowers blooming; the orchids get special attention though! Enjoy the cool weather and spend some peaceful hours at this water pool.

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