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Town Park Mokokchung

The town park which is also famously known as Mokokchung Park is one of the most exciting places in Nagaland. Tourists never miss out on this spot while travelling to the the town. The park is considered to be the most ideal natural ambience to relax and have a heaven like feeling. It is located just above the town center which is the heart of the town. Thus it attracts lots of visitors all round the year. The clean air and fragrance of the blossoming flowers enchant everyone. Not only the tourists but also the local people get mesmerized each time they visit this Town Park. The most enthralling is the view point of the park, a bird’s eye view to the beautiful town of Mokokchung that appears to be the perfect canvas portrait.

Popular things to do and see in and around

Visiting the Town Park rejuvenates one’s body and soul. The enchanting fragrance of the flowers, the swaying of the orchids with the rhythm of the wind, the birds chirping are great tourist attractions. The other places to visit around Mokokchung are Longkhum, Ungma Village, Molung Village, Chuchuyinlang Village, Langpangkong caves and caves of Peren, Fusen and Mongsu Ki.

Getting There 

There are many local means of transport to avail from Mokokchung to reach this famous park. You can opt for taxis and can also walk.. The park is located at NH 61 which is well connected to the highway that runs from Kohima to Amguri via Mokokchung, you can avail local and state buses.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mokokchung Park or the Town Park is in spring season.

Town Park, Mokokchung

The orchids and other wild flower will look like a carpet all set to have your footsteps on it. As we all know spring is the best time to visit any park or garden, to see the blooming buds growing to attractive flowers, birds and insects all set free to mark the beginning of the spring.

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