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Ungma Village Mokokchung

One of the most historically rich villages of Nagaland is Ungma . The village is located about 10 km south from the centre of Mokokchung town. Despite being one of the urbanest villages, Ungma has successfully integrated their cultures and traditions into their modern way of life. It is where the Ao Nagas tribe had initially originated from. This cultural hotspot is a major tourist attraction of the Nagaland. The village is divided into 2 sections, Yimpang and Yimlang. The villagers of Ungma are mostly Christians and yet infused with rich Ao Naga culture. The prejudices of the Ao society are preserved carefully and this place is often called as the ‘living museum of the traditions of the tribe’.

Popular Things to do & See around

One of the most popular places to visit while you’re in Ungma Village, is Nature Park. The park is located on the border of the village. It is frequently visited by many to enjoy picnics, weddings, receptions and seminars. It has a vibrant collection of plantation and tree houses and has been beautifully maintained and is built on a hilltop. If you are religious minded visit the Baptist church on the outskirts of Ungma. Enjoy the breeze on the Ungma’s watch tower and witness the breathtaking and outstanding beautiful landscape from atop.

Getting There 

Located 5 kilometers away from Mokokchung, you can avail bus and taxi services any time of the day to reach the village. If you feel like talking a long walk along the serene avenues, then Ungma village is about 30 to 40 minutes walk from the town. Several Nagaland tourism buses connect travellers to the Mokokchung town.

Ungma Village, Mokokchung

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ungma Village during the winters, especially during December. The villagers deck up the entire village and start celebrating Christmas from the 1st week of December.

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