Top Tourist Attractions in Daulatabad

A popular tourist destination in Maharashtra, Daulatabad offers a number of places to see in and around the Daulatabad fort. This fort is often called the ‘Misra Durg’ which means the mixed fort because it is a combination of God’s Fort, Mountain Fort and Land Fort. We can see different forms of architecture being used in construction of this fort.

One of the best places to visit in Daulatabad is the Ajanta Caves which are a combination of 30 Buddhist caves. These caves have magnificent carvings and scriptures which tell us about the epic tales. There a number of Buddhist monasteries here which provide teachings on Buddhist religion. The scenic beauty and greenery of the place leaves people spell bound and enhances their inner peace. The Ellora Caves are yet another attraction for the tourists. They are a combination of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves. The caves have various carvings on the walls which tell us different interesting stories about these three religions. Among the other top sightseeing places we have the Chini Mahal which reflects amazing architectural designs of the Mughal and Persian times. It is called the Chini Mahal because tiles made of China clay are found here.

This place was used as a prison for capturing enemies who attacked the fort. Then we have the Chand Minar built by the famous Ala-Ud-Din-Bahmani and is made of Persian glazy tiles.

The other tourism places around the fort includes the beautiful Jain temple which about 1.2km from the fort, Bibi ka Maqbara which is 12.2km from Daulatabad and the Bhadra Maruti which about a distance of 7.6km from the fort. The Siddharth Garden is the most attractive among the holiday places of Daulatabad and an amazing place for the kids to enjoy. There is a zoon in the garden, where one can see different wild animals here including the white tigers, elephants, wolves, leopards and many more.

There are a lot more interesting things to do here for the tourists if they plan for a long trip here. The Himroo Fabrics which is very popular here is a must to be visited for shopping and collection of some very unique items. Daulatabad is a must visit for history lovers and also for those fascinated by art and architecture.

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