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Aurangabad has 52 gates in its vicinity, some ruined while others in full glory, and that's perhaps the reason why it is called the city of gates. Each gate is finely carved and has a story. Amongst all these gates, the oldest and biggest one is Bhadkal Gate near the Naukhanda Palace of Nizams; it is the only gate that wasn't built during the reign of Aurangzeb. Also, there are gates that define the cardinal points - Delhi Gate on the north, the Jalna Gate on the east, the Paithan Gate on the south and the Mecca Gate on the west. These gates were made by around the walls of the Aurangzeb to protect the city from the invaders.

Presently, one can see only 18 gates out of 52. See below the list of the places that one can see:

  • Delhi Gate
  • Roshan Gate
  • Khas Gate
  • Naubat gate
  • Makai Gate
  • Khooni darwaza
  • Rangeen Darwaza
  • Barapulla Gate
  • Jaffar Gate
  • Mahmud gate
  • Bhadkal gate
  • Noor darwaza
  • Katkat Gate (Islam Darwaza)
  • Paithan Gate
  • Quil-e-Ark (Kaala Darwaza)
  • Buland darwaza
  • Khizar darwaza
  • Dargah Gate
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