Chini Mahal Daulatabad

The thought provoking Chini Mahal is all that remains of Chini Mahal, which is ironically known as the Chinese Mahal. This blue tiled palace was used by Aurangzeb to imprison the for the last king of Golconda, Abdul Hasan Tana Shah until his death. Now in ruins, the palace was once covered with blue stones, and that's why it was called the Chini Mahal.

Things to Do & See in and around:

Chand Minar is a part of the Daulatabad Fort, so along the Chini Mahal, one can visit the various other places like Chand Minar, Jama Masjid, etc.

How to reach

Chini Mahal marks the entrance of the Daulatabad Fort. So as to reach here, one can either trek or hire a cab from anywhere in the main city.

Chini Mahal Daulatabad

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