Tourist Attractions in Shivneri

A popular tourist attraction Shivneri is a mixture of adventure, historic feeling and also involves being at par with the nature. It is an emotional connection for us as the great king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja was born in this fort. The fort has seven doors namely, Maha Darwaza, Hatti Dawaza, Parvangicha Darwaza, Shipai Darwaza, Peer Darwaza, Kulambkat Darwaza and Phatak Darwaza. This fort is among those holiday places which give a chance to trekkers to test their trekking skills and also for those who love to make their trip an adventurous one.

Some of the best places to visit in Shivneri include a mountain pass named the Nane Ghat which is very close to the fort. When the Satavahanas ruled, this pass was used as a path for carrying out trade between Junnar and Kalyan. There is also a cave in this path which contains certain remains of the Satavahanas engraved on the walls of the cave.

When the sky is clear one gets to see two amazing tourism places here named Jivdhan and Dhakoba. The other places to see in Shivneri include several Buddhist Caves, the Lenyadri Caves which has a Ganesh Temple, the Kukdeshwar Temple near Kukdi River and also the peaceful Malshej Ghat.

Among the top sightseeing places here, the most stunning is the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam which is about 14.4 km away from the fort and the view of the dam is more enhanced on a full moon night. There are many things to be seen even inside the fort like the Mosque, Amber Khana, Water Tanks, temples, punishment area and the Shiv Smarak. One of the most relaxing things to do here is to arrange a one day picnic with friends and family amidst the beauty of nature and a historical ambience.

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