Mehrun Park Jalgaon

Situated on Shirsholi Road, Mehrun is one of the oldest parks in Jalgaon, frequented by the locals as well as by the Tourists. This beautiful garden is adorned with array of tall trees and varieties of colorful flowers. The mystic fragrance of the clean nature, turns the overall atmosphere of the park very soothing and relaxing. The manicured gardens and serene environment offers an appropriate backdrop for a perfect picnic with family and friends. And as the place has a lot to offer to the kids, so is loved by them too. Apart from its exquisite beauty, the park is also famous for being integrated by the late film artist; Prithviraj Kapoor. It would be good to visit here during weekdays, when the place is less crowded and tourists will have enough time at their disposal to explore the garden.

Getting There

Mehrun Park is just 12 kilometer away from the Jalgaon city; so as to reach here one can take JMTU and ST buses. And even auto rickshaws are easily available to reach the park.

Mehrun Park Jalgaon Maharashtra

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