Parola Fort Jalgaon

Built in 16th Century, Parola is one of the finest example of 16th-century architecture with a huge pool and designed gates. It is located on the bank of the Bori river. Like other forts in Maharashtra, here too are some elements in its architecture like bastions and ramparts, made to protect from invaders eyes. There's hardly anything to do at the fort but one shouldn't forget to appreciate its seven entrance doors ('darwaja' in Hindi); of which the main Door called as "Delhi Darwaja" is the classiest one.


As per the records, the fort was built in 1727 by Great Rani of Jhansi- Lakshmi Bai's father. Hence, Parola is believed to be the native of Rani Laxmibai.

Getting There

The fort is located in Parola city, approximately 47 kilometers from Jalgaon. To reach here, one can take a bus or car from Jalgaon. Even tongas and rickshaws are easily availabale to reach here.

Things to Do & See in and around

Parola is mainly known for its Shree Balaji Temple, which was built 345 years ago. Close to the Shree Balaji Temple is Garudadhwaj. Every year, there is a procession for Shree Balaji which is very famous in Maharashtra and people gather to see the procession.

Parola Fort Jalgaon Maharashtra

Parola is also famous for the fort, built by Khander Rao around the 16th century. Madkay Maroti is quite prominent too.

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