Padmalaya - Shree Ganapati Peeth Jalgaon

Regarded as the Padmalaya Kshetra, Sri Padmalaya is a part of two and a half Shree Ganapati Peeths in India. What makes this temple worth a visit is here one can find two self-existent "Swayambhu" Ganesh idols in the sanctum, named "Aamod" and "Pramod." Both of them are made of similar material, however, the only that stand them apart from each other is the direction of their trunk. One has its trunk curving to the right, while other to the left. Right in front of the temple, there is a pond, which used to be full of lotus flowers. Hence the place got the name of "Padmalaya". There are small temples on all sides of the main temple. The padukas of Shree Govind Maharaj are located in front of the temple. There is a huge bell 440 kg next to the padukas. 21 Lord Ganesh Murti, Madicha Ganapati, and BhimKunda are some other prominent features of the temple.


According to the legends, the pond close to the temple was originated by Bheem when he hit his elbow on the ground.

Getting There

The temple is located approximately 4.8 kilometers from Erandol. So as to reach here, one can easily find buses, taxis and autorickshaws.

Things to Do & See in and around

One must visit Bhim Kunda, a pond in Anjani River, which is approximately 1 km from Padmalaya in a Padmalaya Temple Reservoir.

Padmalaya - Shree Ganapati Peeth Jalgaon Maharashtra

Also, there are numerous shrines around the temple that are must visit. It is famous for the temples of Lord Ganapati and Hanuman.

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