Unapdev Jalgaon

Unapdev is a hot spring located in the Satpudas. The place has a strong significance because of its mention in the epic Ramayana. The hot water flows throughout the year from the mouth of a cow. It is sacred to take a holy dip in the hot spring as they say it has healing effects on skin ailments. Some people even say that the hot water generated by Lord Rama for Sharbhang rishi having faced torments from evils.

Getting There

Unapdev is located at a distance of 25kms from Chopda city and 4kms from Adavad; one can reach here easily even if traveling by public transport.

Things to Do & See in and around

Also, there are two other hot springs - Sunapdev, and Nijhardev. All these three places have special mention Ramayana.

Unapdev Jalgaon Maharashtra

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