Tourist Attractions in Sevagram

Living on the lavishness of the pre-historical events of Mahatma Gandhi, Sevagram boasts to have secured the memories of the nation’s gem in its intact form.

When in Sevagram, there is a bountiful of top sightseeing places that demands your visit. Bapu Kuti to begin with, is the most important place that is responsible for all the eminence the hamlet is living up to. Known to safe-keep all the valuables belonging to the father of our nation, Bapu Kuthi’s mesmerizing folk art on the walls coupled with the mud-tiled and bamboo roofs adds a whole new charm besides getting itself enlisted in the popular tourist attractions.

Following to this, the famous Vishwa Shanti Stupa vouches for divine raptures upon your visit to the place, for the tranquility that reins and the plenitude of Buddha statues binding you in awe and beatitude.

A morning or evening walk to this place is surely one of the things to do, when in Sevagram, for the holy chants that take place twice a day that is sure to calm your mind.

Opulent with the precious valuables of Gandhi, Magan Sangralaya Museum without shadow of a doubt is one of the important places to see in Sevagram for the assurance it gives on helping you to delve in the magical experience of the pre-historic tales. Bor Life Sanctuary on the other hand is home to a plenitude of wildlife and beautiful rare species of birds, and is one amongst the famous tourism places in Sevagram.

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