Best Time to Visit Ganpatipule

Popularly known as the abode for the God of Elephant, Ganapati, Ganapatipule resides on the coast of Konkan district. With a warm and humid climate courtesy of the coastal temperatures, Ganaptipule doesn’t experience extremes of temperatures. The town can be visited throughout the year although winter season is the best time of the year to spend your holidays here.


November demarcates the start of winter in Ganapatipule which continues till February. During this season, individuals can relish all the delightful and magnificent views of Ganapatipule. The weather is agreeably cool and is suitable for reconnoitering the lovely Ganapatipule. The temperature usually ranges from a comfortable 16°C to 25°C in winters. Therefore light woollen clothes should be carried.


Summers of Ganapatipule are a bit hot with temperatures around 35 degree Celsius. Summer starts March and lasts up to June. The highest temperature recorded is 38 degree Celsius. Due to this oppressive heat coupled with high humidity, it is not advisable to visit Ganapatipule in summer time.


In Ganapatipule, Monsoon arrives in July and lasts till October. During the monsoon it rains heavily and it results in cleaning the leave of the trees and everything around, which makes everything look fresh and vibrant. It is a beautiful time of the year.

Best Time to Visit Ganpatipule

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