Best Time to Visit Shivneri

Shivneri is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra and the climate is comfortable all across the year. This place has a tropical climate with three seasons, summer, monsoon and the winter. The weather here is more or less travel-friendly throughout the year. The climate particulars are mentioned as below


The summer season starts from March and continues till May and the temperature ranges between 22 to 38 degree Celsius. The place experiences maximum heat in the months of April and May.


Monsoon sets in from the beginning of June and continues till the month of October. The area receives moderate rainfall and heavy showers are seen in the months of July and August. There are even landslides and floods during monsoons. Thus it is recommended that tourists avoid this place during the rainy season. It is also very risky for the trekkers because the place becomes slippery due to heavy downpour.


Winter starts from November till the month of January. The temperature goes down to 11 degree Celsius during December and January. The months of October and March are best time to plan holiday in this place. The climate is pleasant and tourists can explore the fort comfortably.

Best Time to Visit Shivneri

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