Best Time to Visit Karjat

Ornamented with the rich opulence of verdant beauty, taintless ambience, soaring hills, surreal views of the surrounding and a glorious weather throughout, Karjat is chosen to be the hotstop amongst all the trek-lovers and the nature lovers. Tucked away in the Sahaydris, this dainty hill station is best enjoyed during the monsoon and winter season.


Beginning from the month of March and lasting up till June, the summer in Karjat are relatively mellow with temperatures ranging from 27-39 Degree Celsius. The sweltering heat and humidity of the season forbids fun, and thus it is advisable not to plan Karjat during this uncomfortable weather.


The pleasant season of monsoon kick starts from the month of July and lasts up till September. Monsoons in Karjat is beguiling with relatively medium downpour and transmuting the hill station into something alluring and irresistible. Karjat along with its verdant landscapes and bewitching green valley comes alive during this season.


Soothing winter doesn’t lasts for longer duration; it starts in the month of October and ends by February with moderate temperature range of 11-27 Degree Celsius. This season allows peaceful roaming in and around Karjat sans all the humidity and heat. Winter is said to enhance the beauty of the place thus marking itself as the apt weather to visit Karjat.

Best Time to Visit Karjat

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