Kondana Caves Karjat

Karjat's Kondana Caves are the finest example of the rock cut Buddhist caves of Maharashtra. These 16 caves date back to the 1st century, and even after so many years of their establishment, they are strong like a rock. Inside the caves, there are adjoining rooms, each has beautiful walls carrying sculptures, and images of vihara, chaitya, and stupa. Even in some rooms, one can see beds made of stone. And even water storages. However, it remains open for tourists throughout the year, the best time is monsoon as there's a possibility to see waterfalls. The front entrance and floor of the caves were damaged in early 1900 due to an earthquake. Lots of tourists visit this place to see these old age caves and to perform the trek throughout the year.


It is believed these 16 caves were formed somewhere in the 1st century and were used by monks during the monsoon.


15 kms from Karjat, Kondivade-Thakurwadi Village, Raigad District, Maharashtra, India.

Getting There

From the Karjat's Shree Ram Bridge, take an eight wheeler auto rickshaw to reach Kondivade Village. Further, trek for 1 hour to reach the Kondana Caves.

Kondana Caves Karjat

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