Pali Bhutivali Dam Karjat

Whether its valley, caves, lakes or river, Karjat is blessed with every component of the mother nature. And that's perhaps the reason why people throng there the town in good number on weekends. Krajat's Pali Bhutivali dam is also a good place to see but it is barely known to people. Built somewhere in late 1980's in a small village called Diksal, the sam offers the stunning view of the viridescent vegetations dressed on mountains overlooked by the racing clouds. The panorama is fabulous and mesmerizing. The picturesque waterfalls flowing out of these mountains are extremely mesmeric.

Getting There

Buses and taxis are easily available from Karjat to reach the dam.

Things to Do & See in around

Along with the dam, one can visit Matheran, a prominent hill station in Maharashtra, for sightseeing. In Matheran, one can visit Louisa Point, Charlotte Lake, Porcupine Point, Panorama Point, Alexander Point, One Tree Hill Point, Rambaug Point, Lord Point, and King George Point.

Pali Bhutivali Dam Karjat

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