Best Time to Visit Daulatabad

The Daulatabad Fort which is at a distance of about 13km from Aurangabad is a well known tourist spot and is gaining its importance day by day. This marvelous fortress is a sign of excellent layout constructed by the people of the 12th century. Daulatabad has a tropical climatic condition where summers are too hot with moderate rainfall in monsoons and winters are a bit comfortable.


Winter starts from the month of November and continues till February. During this time temperature goes down to almost 15 degrees with a little amount of rainfall sometimes. The best season to enjoy here for the tourists as the overall weather remains very pleasing and ideal for a vacation.


Summer season starts from the month of March and continues till May. The hottest months here are March and April when the temperature raises upto 39 degree Celsius. The sky remains quite clear during this time but because of the heat travellers tend to avoid this season to plan their holidays here.


June to October are the monsoon months in Daulatabad. In the day time temperature remains at about 34 degree Celsius but at night temperature goes down to 20 degree Celsius. The month of August experiences the most amount of rainfall and thus it becomes difficult for the travelers to go out for sightseeing during this time. Apart from this, the weather is enjoyable.

Best Time to Visit Daulatabad

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