Losar Festival Ladakh

Losar is noted to be the most important festival for Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh. This gleeful festival marks the beginning of the New Year and it is celebrated with zest and gaudy. Losar is celebrated hopefully in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan and each has their own traditions. Ready to welcome the new year with wealth and bliss. However, during Losar in Ladakh, the Buddhists offer their religious belief before their deities in the shrines and Gompas. Throughout the festival, you are bound to find mingling cultural events, rituals that have been followed since ages and also traditional and ancient performances such as dance and folk songs. Although, there may be no fixed date for the auspicious occasion, the dates are usually fixed as per the Lunar calendar.

Watching this beautiful festival is a life-time experience and it is something to look forward to. However, this must attend festival is a 15 days of fun and laughter that is usually celebrated between the months of January to March. The history of Losar dates back to the pre-Buddhist era in Tibet when a hefty amount of incense was offered to the deity. Today, during the festive month, the houses are cleaned; streets washed down and surrounding grasses are mowed to eradicate the evil omens. There are beautiful and bright colourful flags decorate everywhere and Lama-Losar offerings are made.

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