Hotels in Leh

Leh is the most popular district in Ladakh Region and is the most modern one as well. This is why,one can see this district, especially Leh City dotted with oodles of hotels and restaurants to cater to all the tourists during their tour. Leh opens its arms to welcome visitors of all kinds and offer them accommodation options in every budget making your holiday here pleasant. The main market area has plenty of value for money hotels that offer decent facilities and amenities to make the stay of the visitors quite comfortable. Most of the hotels in Leh are surrounded by good eating joints/restaurants, so even if the hotel doesn’t offer the facility of an in-house restaurant, one has a plethora of options for dining. There are a number of eco-resorts and lodges in Leh. These pretty eco-friendly properties offer their guests the opportunity to have an authentic Ladakh’s experience.

Leh region also has few boutique and heritage hotels as well. Often situated in an isolated place with river or stream running by it, these properties avail their guests some quality time. Also, one can find some tent accommodations and homestays in Leh that certainly make the experience of staying in Ladakh a pleasant and a memorable one.

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