Winter Season in Ladakh

The winter season in Ladakh starts from October and continues till February. During this time, the entire region receives snowfall. Places like Kargil experience harsh winters, while Drass becomes one of the coldest places in the world. Even though the heavy snowfall leads to the frequent blockage of roads, Ladakh is still accessible via flights.

About Winter Season in Ladakh

Here is the detailed info on the Winter Season in Ladakh, along with temperatures.


Winter in Ladakh (late October to February, Temperature -5°C to 10°C)

The winter season in Ladakh starts from late October and lasts till February, with the temperatures dropping as low as 10°C. Snowfall occurs heavily during this time, and causes frequent blocking of roads. Some of the reasons behind planning your holidays in Ladakh during winters is enjoying the fabulous icy landscape, taking the famous Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar River and attending the festivals, many of which are held during this time.

Best Places to Visit in Winter Season in Ladakh