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Pangong Lake

pangong-lake-ladakh-An endorheic lake in the Himalayas, nestled at an elevation of about 14720 ft above sea level, Pangong Lake is one of the charismatic and largest salty lakes in India. The breathtaking exquisiteness of this lake is enhanced by the vast barren area near it. Another attraction called the Changchenmo mountain range in proximity to the lake adds to the scenic charm. The mountain looks violet, brown and green in color in the sun and many a visitor from far and wide pay a visit here to have a glimpse of this beauty. It is worth traveling for the people seeking peace and solace.

Do you remember the shot when Kareena Kapoor comes in a red saree riding a scooter to meet Aamir Khan? If you are nodding in a yes, then you must have witnessed the pleasing beauty of the Pangong Lake. Placed in Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, it is derived from the Tibetan word called Banggong Co which means “long, narrow, enchanted lake”. There is no aquatic life in Pangong Lake, but travelers can take a view of the migratory birds like Brahmini, Bar-headed goose and sea gull. It is easily accessible from Leh, which is 214km away. The route goes through charming wonders of ladakh, over Chang La, which is the third highest mountain pass in the globe.

The first sight of the serene, crystal clear waters and rocky lakeshore will be etched in your mind forever. And a journey to this lake will certainly result in one of the best experiences. This wonderful lake is open for the tourists from May to September.